Trademark & Domain Name Management

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Your company has probably spent thousands of dollars registering names, trademarks and service marks to protect your valuable intellectual property. But how have you protected your company's names, brands and trademarks on the Internet? Whose responsibility is it? Where do you start?

Hulian's Domain Name Management solutions offer a vital service that most companies need in today's rapidly changing Internet environment, for a fixed annual fee.

Hulian's team of domain experts function as your dedicated, full-time domain management staff, and do it with better results and for less cost than you are spending to manage your domains internally today.

There are three major service areas in Hulian's Domain Management program:
Corporate, Global, and Multilingual domain management.


Corporate Domain Name Management

Corporate domain name management encompasses an Audit of existing domain names, consolidation under one account, and then ongoing management of renewals.

Global Domain Name Management

Global domain name management encompasses an Audit of existing country specific domain names, consolidation under one account, and then ongoing management of these country specific renewals.

Multilingual Domain Name Management

Multilingual domain management encompasses an Audit of existing country specific domain names, consolidation under one account, translation of your brand and trademark into another language and character set, and then ongoing management of these country specific renewals.

Corporate Domain Name Management

In September 2000, Coles Myer was forced to take legal action against a Mexican cyber squatter who had registered the name then linked it to the homepage of rival Woolworths Limited.

Registering, managing and protecting domain names is a time consuming task and the margin for error is high.

What can go wrong?

  • Failure to register or renew names on time
  • Failure to register company brand names
  • Lack of planning to prevent cyber-squatting
  • Misinterpretation of the different rules and regulations that apply for different country codes (ie: au; uk ; nz)
  • Lack of understanding about new Top Level Domains like .biz and .info
  • Failure to protect brands in global domain spaces such as .com, .org and .net.

Key features of Hulian's Corporate Domain Management

Domain Name Audit

• Comprehensive review of existing domain names across all company operations.

• Analysis of availability of desired names that are not currently owned by the company.

• Provision of advice regarding other possible domain name requirements in new domain spaces (eg. .biz, .info) and other country code spaces (eg, and

Consolidation of Portfolio

• Transferring and centralising of domain names to one account managed by Hulian on the company's behalf.

• Registering other name requirements.

• Updating domain name details eg administration and technical contacts.

• Provide highest level of security (lock down security), for the gTLD domain names within the portfolio.

Consolidated Billing and Reporting

• Provision of one quarterly bill.

• Reporting of names under management, transaction status and renewals pending.

• Preferential retail pricing on all of our domain name transactions.

Account Management Relationship

• Ongoing strategic advice regarding domain name requirements to enable continued brand presence and protection.

• One to one customer service relationship.

• Management of renewals to ensure you retain your valuable names.

• Ongoing assistance with new registrations, modifications, changes, transfers and other functions related to your domain names.

‘Look - Up' Web Access

• From mid August 2002, CDM clients will be able to obtain real-time information regarding their Domain Name Portfolio, including domain names under management, status of transactions and renewals pending via this user name and password accessed online tool.

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