That's not fair! 这不公平!

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Robert: Where are Paul and Gary?


Sam: They're over there, on the football field. They're with Tom and Mr. Ford.
他们在那边,在足球场上。 他们和汤姆和佛德先生在一起。


Robert: Great, we can play football with them. Hey, Paul! Can we play football with you?
太好了,我们可以和她们一起打球了。 嘿,保罗! 我们能和你一起打足球吗?


Paul: That's a good idea, Robert. Right. You're the captain of one side, Robert. And Sam, you're the captain of the other side. I'm the referee. Now, how many players are there?


Robert: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen. So there are seven on my side, and six on Sam's side.


Sam: That's not fair!


Robert: Yes, it is! Mr. Ford's on your side. He's very big and very strong. He can play very well. He's like two players!