The Open Project of Shaolin Wugong Books Series

Shaolin Enthusiasts,

Are you interested in taking part in the Project of  Official Shaolin Manuscript Series(also known as Shaolin Wugong Book Series)Translation ?

Shaolin Wugong consists of ten volumes imbued with more than 2000 years of Shaolin knowledge.Due to the lack of official Treatises and specialized Manuscripts(Medicine/Martial Arts) from Shaolin Temple in languages other than Traditional and Modern Chinese it would be considered as work of art not only from those interested in the related field but from all in need to further their knowledge on alternate ways of physical training and health preservation.

All efforts in translating the Manuscripts up to now are not detailed proof-read by Shaolin Masters so as to ensure the translation quality furthermore offer the true learning value to the reader/Shaolin Arts practitioner

For the first time the readers will be able to ask the Shaolin and Wushu Masters involved in this project any question they may have upon the Presented Treatises content or further training evolution,using our 24/7 contact email adress,affordable detailed answer question "packages " and upcoming Online lessons.

Based on professional translation cost facts [450pages * 10=4500 * $60($60=cost of every 1000 characters of translation + proof reading by Shaolin Master Shi De Qian and Shaolin Master Zhu Tian Xi)=$270000]it would require at least 500 persons(270000/500=$540) to be affordable for the reader to purchase.

Payment Options:

 The Official Shaolin Manuscript Series will be consisted of the following:

Volume One -  Pending Title:

1.Shaolin History

a)Shaolin  Origination

b)Shaolin Chan

b1)Buddhism Extensive reference

b2)Shaolin and Buddhism 

b3)Differentiation of Shaolin Chan and all known Chan/Zen Theories

c)Shaolin Core Principles

d)Creation of Shaolin Temple

e)Shaolin Genealogical line

f)Shaolin Evolution through the pass of time

g)History of Fujian Shaolin Temple

h)Shaolin and Wudang

i)Shaolin and Emei Mountain

2.Poems dedicated to praise Shaolin Way and offer greater realisation in the field of comprehending the roots of Shaolin Culture

3.Achievements of Shaolin Temple

4.Detailed Shaolin Temple landscape Sites reference

5.Historical reference of Shaolin Monks overseas journeys

6.Core Principles of Shaolin Martial Arts

7.Qi Thorough Explanation

a)Extensive Qi Theory and Terminology

b)Autonomous and Manual Interaction examples reference

8.Core Principles of Shaolin Internal Arts

9.Core Principles of Shaolin External Arts

10.Complete presentation and categorization of Shaolin Shongsan and Fujian Temples hand Forms

11.Complete reference and categorization of Shaolin Stances

12.Chan Meditation Principles and Techniques 

12.Fundamental Qi Exercising Meditations

13.Elementary Shaolin Fist Frms

13.1)Shaolin 18 Lohan Hands Form - All nine sets

13.2)Shaolin  18 Lohan Protecting Mountain Zi Men  Hands Form

13.3)Shaolin Ten Spring Kicks Form

13.4)Shaolin Eight Steps Chain Kicks Form

13.5)Shaolin Mind Form

13.6)Shaolin Xiao Hong Fist Form(First and Second Forms)

13.7)Shaolin Da Hong Fist Form(First and Second Forms)

13.8)Shaolin Mind Fist Form(First and Second Forms)

13.9)Shaolin Small Tong Bei Fist Form

13.10)Shaolin Big Tong Bei Fist Form

13.11)Shaolin Facing the Sun Fist Form

 Volume 2 - Title Pending:

Origination of Shaolin External Self-Defense Forms

Complete categorization of Shaolin External Self-Defense Forms

Realation of breathing and Shaolin External Self-Defense Forms

Relation of Qi and Shaolin External Self-Defense Forms

The concept of Nothingness in Shaolin External Self-Defense Forms 

1.Shaolin Advanced Self-Defense Forms 





1.1)Shaolin Lohan Fist Form(First and second Forms)

1.2)Shaolin Two Doors Ba Ji Fist Form

1.3)Shaolin Small Cannon Fist Form(First and Second Forms)

1.4)Shaolin Big Cannon Hammer Fist Form

1.5)Shaolin Small Plum Blossom Fist Form

1.6)Shaolin Big Plum Blossom Fist Form

1.7)Shaolin Small Plum Blossom Fist Form

1.8)Shaolin Chain Fist Form

1.9)Shaolin EIight steps chain Fist Form

1.10)Shaolin Plum Blossom Mantis Fist Form

1.11)Shaolin Shallow Shape Fist Form

1.12)Shaolin Five Tigers Fist Form

1.13)Shaolin Black Tiger Fist Form

1.14)Shaolin Fearless Tiger Fist Form

1.15)Shaolin Eight Method Fist Form

1.16)Shaolin Five elements and Eight Methods Fist Form

1.17)Shaolin Lotus Fist Form

1.18)Shaolin Mind Fist Form (Long Version)

1.19)Shaolin Zhao Yang Fist Form

1.20)Shaolin Monkey Fist Form

 1.21)Shaolin Seven Stars and Mantis Fist Form

1.22)Shaolin White Ape and Mantis Fist Form

1.23)Shaolin Poking Foot Form

1.24)Shaolin Pi Gua Fist Form

1.25)Shaolin Tian Gang Form

1.26)Shaolin Break Lotus Fist Form

1.27)Shaolin Di Sha Fist Form

1.28)Shaolin Facing down Ginie Fist Form

1.29)Shaolin Coiling Dragon Palm Form

1.30)Shaolin Wind Fire Fist

1.31)Shaolin Drunken Fist

1.32)Shaolin Long Protecting The Door of the Mind Fist Form

1.33) Shaolin Stone Fist Form

1.34)Shaolin Step Fist Form

1.35)Shaolin Soft Fist Form

1.36)Shaolin Comprehensive Taiji Fist Form

1.37)Shaolin Short Strick Fist Form

1.38)Shaolin Chasing Wind Fist Form