Spanish students visit Malta for Chinese cultural feast

A group of Chinese language students from Spain had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a range of Chinese cultural experiences in Malta this week.

At the Confucius Institute of the

University of Malta on Saturday, the students from the Murcia branch of the Official School of Languages were fascinated by traditional Chinese flute performances, and a demonstration of the art of Chinese tea-making.

Each member of the group was photographed trying on Hanfu, traditional Chinese attire. Next, despite their age differences, the students all proved their dexterity in traditional Chinese crafts such as paper-cutting and knot-weaving.

Student Maria Nieves Calatayud Castellanos expressed her passion for Chinese culture, after two years of learning the language. "Despite the challenges, Chinese characters are truly beautiful," she said.

On Sunday, the group visited the Mediterranean Regional Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine (MRCTCM) in Paola, Malta.

Under the guidance of a doctor from the 19th Chinese medical team in Malta, they practiced Tai Chi and Ba Duan Jin, a set of exercises meaning "eight steps to healthy living." A brief lecture on TCM introduced them to treatments such as acupuncture and cupping, and some of the students had the opportunity to personally experience these treatments.

Javier Monerri Alguazas, also a Chinese learner, told Xinhua that TCM has provided people with a way of better understanding Chinese culture, as it is a crystallization of Chinese wisdom.

Feng Hua, leader of the Chinese medical team, told Xinhua that the MRCTCM is planning to host more students from Malta and other countries, providing opportunities for those interested in TCM and Chinese culture to engage in cultural exchanges and gain insights into Chinese medical knowledge.

During their visit to the China Cultural Center in Valletta on Monday, the students were drawn to the traditional Chinese-style lanterns hanging in front of the center's entrance, and also to the exquisite Chinese tea sets showcased in the main hall.

Yuan Yuan, director of the China Cultural Center in Malta, highlighted the importance of cultural exchange and interaction in enhancing friendship between nations.

Du Yan, the Chinese teacher from the Murcia branch of the Official School of Languages in Spain, said Malta is a country that interacts extensively with Chinese culture and the purpose of the exchange is to deepen the students' understanding of China's history and culture.