China opposes UK sanctions against Chinese firms over Russia

China on Wednesday voiced firm opposition to the United Kingdom's decision to sanction five Chinese firms over the so-called Russian involvement.

Despite China's representations and the sound development momentum of China-UK

economic and trade relations, the UK insisted on listing Chinese companies in the latest round of sanctions against Russia. Such move will have a negative impact on the bilateral economic and trade relations, said a spokesperson of China's Ministry of Commerce in response to a media query.

UK's unilateral sanctions have no basis in international law and no mandate from the United Nations, which is a typical act of "long-arm jurisdiction," said the spokesperson.

China urges the British side to bear in mind the overall interests of bilateral economic and trade cooperation, immediately correct its erroneous practices, and unconditionally cease the inclusion of Chinese enterprises on its sanctions list, said the spokesperson.

China will safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises resolutely, the spokesperson said.