A Narration for Zen Music Shaolin Grand Ceremony

Today, I am going to intrduce Zen Music Shaolin Grand Ceremony to you. It is part of Shaolin Temple’s culture. As we all know, Shaolin Temple has

profound historical culture and becomes known by martial arts which is called Shaolin Kongfu. Speaking of Shaoling Kongfu, it consits of more then 360 different kinds of styles. However, as a matter of fact, there are only 100 of them are being kept in Shaolin Temple now.

Zen Music Shaolin Grand Ceremony plays in the true scenery of Mid-Yue Song Mountain and with total investment 350 millions RMB. It’s a latest ceremony which is in an international top level with magnificent scale and uses real Song Mountain as its background. There are more then 700 Kungfu Monks attend the Zen Music Shaolin Grand Ceremony Performance. There are also more then 2400 lights and the performance ground can accommodates 3000 to 5000 audiences at the same time.

The Zen Music Shaolin Grand Ceremony is divided into several movements to express different stories which are:Wate Music,Wood Music,Wind Music,Light Music and Stone Music. They were made by a famous composer name Tan Dun who is also the composer of two moives which are ‘Hero’ and

‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’.

Zen Music Shaolin Grand Ceremony consists of the sounds of nature. You can feel a good visual sense and sense of hearing. Before entering the performance ground, you will have vegetable dinner with monks in the temple to relax and calm your tired heart, and then, relax yourselves and enjoy the Zen music performance. They also makes very thoughtful arrangement for audiences by preparing comfortable cushion with golden colour for you to sit . With the development of the Zen music, you will be taken to a Buddha state and along the music continuing, you can feel that Buddha exist everywhere, Zen, is around you!


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