Zhu Tianxi

   Zhu Tianxi developed the institution step ty step. He was conferred the title “Pioneer”, His institution was conferred the title “Advanced Education Unit with Social Aid” in successive years by the provincial and the municipal education committee, the title “Ten Best Wushu Schools of Henan” by the Provincial Physical Culture and Sports Committee. And the Provincial Wushu Committee, and the title “National Advanced Wushu School” in 1996 by the National Sports Committee.
  Zhu Tianxi was entitled “representative of modern Shaolin Quan School” for his Wushu skill and his glorifying of Shaolin culture with Chan sect, Wushu an Medicine as a whole, Famous abbot SanKouboyong, famous martial artist Song Tianlongzhi, American-chinese wushu theorist Xu ji, President of American Chinese General Wu Shu Association Huang QianLiang, Hong kong Shaolin Disciples  Association of Hongkong Wushu Association, Taibei Wushu General Association and famous martial artisits and delegations of Singapore, Malaysia, Russia and France, etc, have come to visit. It April 1998,Chen Pei, deputy president of American Chinese National Wushu General Association, led representatives of 35 martial schools of America to visit and exchange Wushu culture. Zhu Tian xi has made significant contribution to glorify Shaolin culture as awhole and to earlier the day when Chinese Wushu can step into the Olympic Games.

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