Ye Zheng talks about Liu Dian Ban Pole(Six-and-a-Half Pole)

Ye Zheng talks about Liu Dian Ban Pole(Six-and-a-Half Pole)
    The points of practicing Liu Dian Ban Pole passed on by Master Ye Wengong are as follows:
    The Pole Techniques: Qiang, Ding, Tiao, Tan, Hum, the Half Movement of Lan's Press-and-Dissolve (Lan Gun An Xiao Ban Shi)
    Essentials: Stableness is like the Mountain Tai. Speediness is like a heavy storm faith of overcoming difficulties as if you were drunk. Dreamy eyes.
    Starting Position: Stand sideways and straight. Face leftwards, hold the front part of the Pole with the fight hand, named Vanguard Hand. Hold the back part of the Pole with the left hand, named Backup Hand. The distance between the two hands should be the same as the length of one of your arms.
Classic Movements:
1. Stand sideways and straight. Hold the Pole with hands and raise it to the height as your neck . 2. Close to the opponent rapidly and press the Pole on his waist (Named An Xiao Ban Shi/the Half Movement of the Press-and-Dissolve). 3.Step the fight foot forward, bend the legs like tiding on a horse, push out the Pole with two hands' force, maintain the Pole parallel with the ground (Named Qiang)4. Drag the left foot forward as a "T" shape (" T "stance), lash acted by the fight hand, while push down with the left hand like fishing. 5.Push down with the fight hand and raise the Pole up with the left at the same time (Named Ding/Point). 6. Press the Pole down with the left hand and raise it up with the right (Named Tiao). 7.Press the Pole downward and leftward, approaching to the rival with the fight hand. Raise the Pole upward and rightward with the left hand, assisting the fight hand's movement (Named Tan). 8.Fix the end of the Pole as an axis with the left hand. Raise the Pole up with the right hand and press it down hard (Named Hum). 9.The movements from 3 to 8 mentioned above would be composed as the Approach (Yi Jin, including Qiang, Ding, Tiao, Tan and Hum). 10.Drag the left foot backward. Turn the movement into that as tiding on a horse. 11.Perform Ding, Tiao and Qiang coherently, which is named as Withdrawal. Repeat the Withdrawal three times. 12.Step out the left foot and turn it fight. Face your opponent. Perform the Tan. 13. Turn the body right. Form the stance "T" shape. Perform the Tan, Hum, Qiang, Ding and Tiao successively. 14. Drag the left foot backward and turn it left from the back. Face the opponent. 15. Push the Pole out with the fight hand. Draw it back with the left hand (Named Lan). 16. Perform the Tan, Hum, Qiang, Ding and Tiao leftwards. 17. Take the left foot back, perform the Tan. 18. Perform the Hum and withdraw the whole performance.
    (That is all for the Single Movement.)

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