Requirements & Points in Practicing Wing Chun Quan

Requirements & Points in Practicing Wing Chun Quan
    Xiao Nian Tou is the first set of Wing Chun Quan. The purpose in practicing it is to help the Quan player to find out the exact location right of his ribs, to let him master the tactics of central defensive(defense movement based on the central part of his body), to learn some simple but incisive ways in his attacking and defending and, to practice the principles of all types and rules of his movements in blocking and attacking.
    To practice Xiao Nian Tou, you first stretch your chest and back laterally and downwards, then open your legs with your waist staying in a squatting tendency. Store up your strength so as to burst out in a flash. Relax your body with your Yi (intending) while some firmness is running through Try to reach a state where your entire body is in a complete harmony. Remove the aggressiveness and stiffness from you. Work up your mind and strength with Qi (interior strength and breathing) till your Yi, Qi and Li (force) become in one. Pay particular attention to the persistency of your power and your physical strength.
    Requirements of the movement: Have your entire body focused. Slacken up with controlling your tightness. Be persistent when you are practicing the Quan. Mobilize your internal strength with your mind not showing any looseness.

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