Shi Ba Mo Qiao-Liao Liao Xian

Shi Ba Mo Qiao-Liao Liao Xian
    Shi Ba Mo Qiao in Pak Mei Quan (white eyebrows boxing) is one of Siu Kin Yee’s favorite Quan movements.
    He thinks that it is quite special in assembling both the straight force and the horizontal one, hardness and softness, emptiness and the true, and its movements are actually and infinitely changeable. One has to spend several years in learning a set of excellent Quan movements if he wants to obtain its essence. Once he has practiced the movements correctly, he can defend himself easily and elegantly, send his forces comfortably and casually when he is attacking his opponent. Therefore, Shi Ba Mo Qiao is a set of Quan movements in Pak Mei Quan dwelling defense in attack.
(Liao Liao Xian (to feel very relaxed & easy): When you are practicing Shi Ba Mo Oiao, you should feel relaxed & easy.)

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