Techniques Communication & Traditional Cultural Consciousness Upgrade

Techniques Communication & Traditional Cultural Consciousness Upgrade
Series Introduction of 2nd Kung-fu Seminar Held by Xin Yi Quan Masters of Henan System
    The 2nd Xin Yi Quan Seminar was held on the wave of popularity on November 24th to 5th, 2005 in Zhoukou City, Henan Province. The haeres had been looking forward to attending the following session since the first one in October, 2004. The Seminar aims at combining haeres of all systems and to upgrade Chinese traditional virtues and cultural levels and adopts the form in gathering up the haeres in peaceful communicating, learning from each other and improving both theoretical and technical levels of the Quan.
     Such communicational form brings an opportunity for the haeres to make others understand their boxing skills and unique cultural features objectively and scientifically in the modern society, and thus receives recognitions from each other. It differs from those traditional physical competitions. It is featured as a cultural activity to inherit and to develop Chinese traditional culture.
     The participants including not only the haeres acting around Zhoukou City but also others come from Luohe, Xinyang, Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Xiangxian, Fengbu, Taihe and Qixian of Shanxi Province were invited.
     Having been introduced into Henan by Master Ma Xueli, the Henan System of Xin Yi Quan had mainly spread over among Hui nation in China for quite a long time. Till the end of Qing Dynasty, it had begun to spread over more and more in Han people. That's the reason why its development is quite different from the Shanxi System.
     In the past, Hui players always showed up their valiant, agile and brave characters. Their special national culture with several local elements and factors. enriched the spirit, consciousness and techniques of Xin Yi Liu He Quan.
     As the comments issued by most participants, the Seminar, held by CHINESE TRADITIONAl KUNG-FU and International Chinese Kung-fu Association, greatly promotes the development of Chinese traditional culture, strengthens the unity of the haeres of all systems and, plays an important role in the promotion of Chinese traditional ethos and cultures. People feel it significative and wish to attend more similar activities in the future.

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