Yao Shen Jum Jia of Tai Zu Quan

Yao Shen Jum Jia of Tai Zu Quan
    Yao Shen Jun Jia is an advanced achievement of Kung-fu practicing in Nan Shao Lin Wu Lan School. It is not particular movements but a practice of strength and Gong Fa. The most importance is how to apply this high-grade Kung-fu in the movements of Wu Zu Quan. In the past, the Quan was taught by the masters orally without any relative literature left. There are as well no any written records regarding Yao Shen Jun Jia in Quan scripture of Wu Zu Quan. Though it has been always ignored, Yao Shen Jun Jia still could be found easily in various styles and movements of the Quan if we are analyzing it well enough. It appears in the movements of "San Zhan", "Sha Quan Ru", "Qiao Da Ru" and "Tun Piao Chu" etc. Most masters would explain it as shivering in Minnan dialect when such Gong Fa appears. Those who are familiar with Wu Zu Quan would know that when there is a Chinese letter "Ru" inside the movement's name, it is just the style of Yao Shen Jun Jia containing.
    The Quan routine name Ping Ma Jin that I usually practice is the most common style containing the practice of Yao Shen Jun Jia. The movement is simple and clear. Relax your body; do not move up or down, nor toward either side before practicing Yao Shen Jun Jia. Do not raise your shoulders nor move your waist in a large scale. Do not shake your shoulders or your buttocks heavily. Inhale and exhale with the coordination of uttering sounds. Your sounds coming from your Dan Tian (an acupoint of the abdomen) should be vigorous and low but avoiding shouting loudly. All these movements should be finished without any pause and be sent out with a horizontal quivery force. It should be quickly applied in actual fights and help us to win.



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