The Miraculous Effects of Tai Ji Quan

The Miraculous Effects of Tai Ji Quan
    I was diagnosed as being ill of mammary cancer in October 1998. Right after that I took the amended root cutting surgery. Fifteen days later, I started chemotherapy till March 1999. In February 2000, I was taken bone scanning during callback. A focus was found in right side of ribbing. It was suspected as bone transferring. Then I had to take chemotherapy again. I lost all my hair acutely because of large dosage of medicament. The level of my leukocyte decreased down to 1,000. (The normal level is around 4,000 to 10,000). It was hard and painful to review that experience in chemotherapy. The sharp react occurred to me as dysphasia and naupathia. After 1 got more years of recovery, my hair grew up to two inches. However, it was suspected that there were some problems in uterus while counterchecking. In the beginning of March 2001, I had to take uterus ovariotomy surgery. It was my family, relatives, friends and colleagues' love and helps that encouraged me to pass the difficulty. After a period of therapy and care, I turned over and began to recover. At this moment, I met a Tai Ji Quan master who has got more than twenty years experiences on it. He told me that it would be good for my recovery to practice Tai Ji Quan, especially for the human body's microcirculation and incretion. Tai Ji Quan is a kind of body's internal purifying work. He borrowed me a book" How to Play Tai Ji Quan Well" written by Gu, Liuxin. I read it carefully. Once finished, I was wondering: "Is it true the marvelous effects of Tai Ji? Can Tai Ji Quan draw me back from the edge of the death?" Every body should be scared of the death. No dare of death would just be a spirit pursuing or but no choice. It will be so good to be alive. There are so many things to be experienced. Any beings should have the right and expectation to be alive. I did need a way of practice to assist my recovery. So why not pay a lay, 2001. I started to learn Tai Ji Quan.
    I. At the beginning, I was worried that my arm would be in tumescent. That was because my lymph in oxter was also cut off when I took the galactophore cutting surgery, which might cause the in tumescent because of circumfluence blocking. It was surprised that, after one month's exercise, the dropsy was even relieved. I was beginning to realize that the health is related to fluent Jing Qi, commented from the book. Tai Ji Quan can benefil the circulation system of Jing Luo, blood and lymph. In the practice, the artery will be softly spread, which improves the blood circulating, boosts the oxygen supplying and accelerates lymph's metastasis. So probably it was from the effects of Tai Ji. From then on, I was confident of it and did it everyday without interruption, no matter how bad the weather was. I was becoming full of energy and recover from extremely delicate situation. After one year's practice, I've learnt more than ten sets of Tai Ji by using sword, falchion and fan. There were also some changes of habit of my daily eating. I was even becoming a vegetarian. I felt comfortable with all things in an orderly way. Tai Ji Quan brings forth the thoughts of bi-directional elements, which comprehends me the philosophy and wisdom in Tai Ji.
    I've read some materials of traditional martial art and books of Tai Ji Quan principles, while I tried to understand and put them into my practice. After a few years of efforts, I've improved a lot in varies areas like the method of practicing, the standardization of operations and the understanding on Tai Ji Quan of opening and closing, void and solid, moving and stillness. I also sense the thoughts that consciousness can lead the movement collecting the energy from environment and coordinating by fast and slow, rigid and soft actions transferred.
    The human body's complexity and unlimited varies actions depend on neural cerebra. It's adjusted by exciting or restrain status of nerve. It's well known that Tai Ji Quan can improve one's health and the first effect is on the neural system's training and changing.
     Tai Ji Quan fulfills the thoughts by full meanings of calming and relaxation. It must calm down the nerve of cerebra first. Then the muscle of the whole body, arthrosis and viscus can be relaxed. After that the adjustment function of microcirculation can be orderly. The distinctive soft and slow movement of Tai Ji brings nutriment and oxygen to the cells of each viscera through the terminal of artery system and the initial end of vein system, which build the reticular capillary vessel. The energy of micro-cell will be enabled with the circulation of aorta, which implement the
training of neural system and improve the health.
     Relaxation first helps the gallium to obtain a rest from the movement. The nerve center can both direct whole apparatus's coordinated actions and train the neural system's flexibility. Thus, although TJQ is kind of slow movement practiced, it's sensitive to fit the changing of environment around. I didn't sleep well previously and had to take hypnotic. After the TJQ training, I can sleep well within the music of TJ. It explained that the status of relaxation and calming would not only the need while playing TJ but also the good way to relax the pallium.
    I was partially hurt of my reaction and memory in my chemotherapy. I suffered the moment that I couldn't remember what I ate in the morning and I couldn't pass the road alone. I was so worded and angered of myself at that time. I felt that I couldn't recover any more while I was just 42. However, after a period of practicing, my memory recovered that I could remember all denominations of TJQ. The knowledge I learned before was recovering also. Besides, it was pleased that my reaction was speeding up too.
    II. The helix circular movement in TJQ can activate the whole body & strengthen muscle contraction, leading muscle with better flexibility, elasticity & evenly growth. It also softly exercises joints by moving in multi-angle and higher extension. By following the muscle movement, it brings the self-massage effect to exercise skeleton & joints that is healthy to the growth of bone and also maintain joints' elasticity. After I took the chemotherapy, the arthrosis of the body was becoming stiffened and aches, especially when the weather changed. I was weak and flaccid when walking. The chemotherapy hurt a lot of my knee joints. It also restrained the marrow. In traditional words: the strength comes from the muscle and might is from the bone. After the practicing of TJ like helix enwinding, fold circumrotating and circle moving, I tried to lead the movement, relax the arthosis and extend the ligament by conscious. All these can strength the elasticity & flexibility, and impenetrate each section of TJ actions. Meanwhile, I managed to make the external and internal 3 sets by following the method aiming at the condoyle. The practice benefits the arthrosis to be well lubricated and fixedness. It also well shares the weight among bones, which strengthen the resistance of skeleton. All above steps coordinate skeleton, arthrosis and muscle & muscle fiber. The movement of muscle can be practiced from shallow to the deep while the muscle will be fleshy and shapely, pliable but strong and stretch. The arthrosis and muscle of the whole body can obtain well-proportioned and soft practice.
     It' s the waist axial based to play TJ. The barycenter of the whole body is at the point of Mingmen on waist, which is also the key point for the body to turn around. It implements to adjust the balance the whole body. In Tai Ji practice, first of ed and low down with the rump bone being pithiness and barycenther being stable down. The waist turns a little, which pulls the muscle of chest and back. This movement also drives the extremity to twist and rotate. The crotch will be needed to loosen up and open from the end part. The arthrosis will be kept bend slightly. The legs will finish the arc movement with the conversation between void and solid. The arthrosis of crotch and knee will lead to the rotation in both forth and reverse direction. The coordination between lees and arms will draw out circles. All above movements will figure out the key to movement completed from the feet through the leg, waist, back and ended at the finger, which is also the reason why whole body skeleton (including arthrosis of crotch and knee) becoming more flexible and stronger. Thus the goal of healthy body can be reached.
    III. During the practice, I improve not only my health, but also my self-restraint. The time when I see the TJ map, I can calm down and go into the situation as Wang Zongyue's words:" TJ has no source to trace but its self is regarded as the source of Yin-Yang. They are separated when moving and united when stopping. It can extend anywhere in different environment". The one consolidated by the human and the environment will keep the balance of Yin-Yang, support the justice & drive out the improbity, and protect the life. I am infatuated with the culture of our traditional martial art. In 2002, I won the second place at Zhengzhou Million Woman's Heath Contest in March 8th Festival. At the same year, I obtained the fifth place of 42 TJ swords, adult team, in Zhengzhou Martial Art Sets Contest. I also gained the reward of Chen' s 56 and 42 in the international annual meeting of TJQ at Jiazuo. I obtained the first grade reward of Chen's TJ fans in National TJ Contest, middle age team. I passed the 5th grade of national Wu-shu and gained the title of Second Level Master.
    The effects of TJQ to improve the health are confirmed from my practice. Recently I was counterchecked and all my blood's parameters have reached normal level. I look so well that I am not like the person to experience cancer and 2 surgeries. Now I would like to say that I am lucky to meet TJ. It's TJ that save my life. It's TJ that recovers me in such a short time. TJ, succeeded from our ancestor, is so miraculous. After hundreds years history, TJQ has became the treasure and major method for human to recover and improve health The slogan in my practice is: "the miracle can be created with my life by the boat of TJ". The meaning on me is that:" the cancer can't be scared any more when I fight against diseases using my way. I will not only be alive, but also on a high level that I can devote to TJ.
    It's TJQ to give me health and confidence. TJQ originates from China and belongs to the whole world. The fascination of TJ will light the way of human to the bright future.


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