Chang Quan

     Long-style boxing (Chang Quan) is one of the boxing schools of Chinese Wushu. characterized by its hand and leg attacks for a long distance and fully extended movements. It is one of the compulsory events in international Wushu tournaments.
     The name Chang Quan was first found in Qi Jiguangˋs work which mentioned 32 forms of Chang Quan. Later. however. the term Chang Quan gradually became a name referring to a variety of traditional northern schools of wushu. rather than to a distinct individual form. Hence. Chang Quan now refers to such styles as Zha Quan. Hua Quan. Pao Quan. Hong Quan. Hwa Quan. Fanzi Quan. Chuo Jiao and Shaolin Quan and Tan Tui. All have strong. swift and extended movements. with many leaps and turns. In combat they emphasize taking initiative in attack. making long strikes. advancing and retreating swiftly and seeking to beat the opponent by speed.
     After the founding of the Peopleˋs Republic China in 1949. the Physical and Culture and Sports Commission created new forms according to the common characteristics of traditional Chang Quan styles. Set teaching materials and competitive regulations were published. promoting the development and popularity of Chang Quan.
     With energetic. fully-extended movements of kicks. blows. rises and falls. Chang Quan is suitable as a basic practice for developing wushu skills. as well as for competition. It is particularly suitable for young aspirants to the art of wushu. It is popular among the young people. Many outstanding Chang Quan sportsmen and sportswomen have emerged. Li Lianjie being one of the most famous.

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