Wu Yuxiang Style of Taiji Quan

      Wu Yuxiang Style of Taiji Quan Wu Yuxiang (1812-1880) was the creator of another style of the Taiji Quan. A Yongnian resident in Hebei. Wu Yuxiang learned the ABCˋs of Taiji from fellow provincial Yang Luchan. In 1852. Wu Yuxiang went to work for his brother at Wuyang. On his way to Wuyang. he learned the new routine of Taiji Quan from Chen Qingping and mastered it. At his brotherˋs home. Wu Yuxiang got hold of a transcript of Wang Zongyueˋs On Taiji Quan. So upon returning home. Wu Yuxiang delved into the book and practised the principles stipulated in it. Wu eventually wrote Ten Essential Points of Martial Artists and Four- Word Poetic Secrets of Taiji: Apply. Cover. Combat and Swallow. which have become the classics of Chinese Wushu writing.

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