Great Master Chen Zhaopi’s instruction

      Chen Zhaopi (1893-1972), by named Jipu, was the eighteenth inheritor of Chen’s and the tenth generation of Chen style shadowboxing. He inherited his family tradition and learned the ancestral shadowboxing from Chen Dengke when he was yang. But Chen Dengke died very young. Then he continued learning the shadowboxing from Yan Xi and Fa Ke. After that he learned and researched the shadowboxing theory from Chen Xin. He was affected and got the elite from the edification of his predecessors. He practiced assiduously no whether how difficult it is,and his Gongfu got improving and reached the high degree of professional proficiency. In the autumn of 1928, Le Youshen and Le Tongshan Who were the Tong ren tang’s boss in Bei Ping invited him to teach shadowbox in Bei Ping. His countryman Li Jingzhuan(by name Qinglin) published a article to disseminate his achievement in shadowbox and it was known around Bei Ping. He ever set up a boxing ring over seventeen days and didn’t lost one match.Then the mayor of Nanjing in Jiangsu province invited him to teach shadowboxing in Nanjing. In 1942, Zhang Hanying who was the leader of Yellow River water Conservancy Committee invited him to teach shadowboxing in Xi’an. After the success of anti-invade war, he followed the “Huang Committee” to teach shadowboxing in Kaifeng. After the revolution of Kaifeng he worded, at the same time he teached shadowboxing in 1948. In 1958, he retired and came back his ancestral home to keep on teaching shadowboxing in Wen Xian. He took part in wushu meeting of the country and awarded the name of “Great Master of shadowboxing”. He was elected as commissar in the wushu association in 1964. Chen Zhaopi trained a new generation in very poor condition. The represents of his prentices are Chen Xiaowang, Chen Zhenglei and Yang Songquan. He published Chen’s shadowbox collection, shadowboxing abecedarium, Chen’s shadowboxing illustrate , Thirteen aricles of Chen’s shadowboxing theories thirteen articles by his profound accomplishments and rich experience in wushu. Chen Zhaopi, with high moral character, was tireless in teaching and gave great contribution to spread Chen’s shadowboxing. He is respected all over the world and is one of the great masters of Chen’s shadowboxing.

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