China's renewable energy capacity continues to expand

China's installed capacity of renewable energy has sustained growth momentum since the beginning of this year amid the country's pursuit of green development.

By the end of October, China's total installed

power generation capacity reached about 2.5 billion kilowatts, rising 8.3% year on year, data from the National Energy Administration showed.

Specifically, the installed capacity of wind power grew 16.6% from a year ago to 350 million kilowatts, while that of solar power came in at 360 million kilowatts, a yearly increase of 29.2%.

The country has enhanced its renewable energy investment this year, with the construction of large-scale wind power facilities and photovoltaic bases accelerated, especially in desert areas.

In the first 10 months, the total investment of China's major power generation companies in solar power skyrocketed 326.7% year on year to 157.4 billion yuan (about US$22 billion).