Mid-Autumn Gala ventures into new territory

The China Media Group's upcoming 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival gala promises to be a celebration centered on five distinct literary elements: poetry, wine, the moon, water and bamboo.

The gala will seamlessly

weave elements of ancient literature and traditional music into its performances and will venture beyond the usual locations to present an innovative fusion of classical poetry and contemporary fashion in historically significant cultural landscapes.

The first stage is situated near the Yangtze River Park in Yibin, Sichuan province, and will unfold in three parts with around 20 acts presented in diverse forms like solo vocals, duets, symphonic music and dancing. The goal is to create a warm ambience, blending the themes of Mid-Autumn Festival reunions and heartfelt patriotic emotions, to evoke a profound sense of longing for the homeland.

It will also include a number of emotionally resonant and heartwarming segments centered on themes like parental love, romantic relationships and human emotions. Presented from the perspective of ordinary individuals, it will connect with the everyday experiences of regular people.

One of the outdoor shooting locations is situated at the foot of Cuike Mountain in Yibin. Legend has it that this was the place where Song Dynasty (1045-1105) calligrapher Huang Tingjian gathered with friends to read and write calligraphy.

The gala will also be produced in a vertical screen format to cater to new media platforms. The vertical version will be released on CMG's new media platforms.