China revises guidelines for lithium-ion battery industry

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Wednesday unveiled revised guidelines for the lithium-ion battery industry to further strengthen standardized management and promote the high-quality development of the sector.

style="text-align: left; margin-bottom: 15px;">The revision of the guidelines on industry standardization is based on the principles of optimizing layout, standardizing industrial order, ensuring safety, improving quality, encouraging innovation and classifying guidance.

The lithium-ion battery enterprises and projects should comply with laws and regulations on national resource development and utilization, ecological environmental protection, energy conservation and production safety, and should meet the requirements of national industrial policies and related industrial planning, according to the revised guidelines.

No lithium-ion battery projects should be built on permanent basic farmland, "redline areas" for ecological protection or other areas where the construction of industrial enterprises is prohibited, the guidelines state.

The guidelines say that enterprises should be guided to cut manufacturing projects that simply expand production capacity, strengthen technological innovation, improve product quality and reduce production costs.

The other revised guidelines detail the requirements for managing the published list of enterprises in compliance with industrial standards.

Both sets of guidelines will become effective on Thursday.

China's lithium-ion batteries have maintained sound growth momentum so far this year. Data shows that the total output of lithium-ion batteries in the January-April period surpassed 282 gigawatt-hours, rising 17.5 percent year on year.