Prescriptions of Traditional Chinese Medicine usually take the form of creams, decoctions, teas, infusions, pills or powders, where a combination of herbs are used . The names of some of these decoctions, infusions, pills and powders are given below:


English Translation Chinese Term Transliteration
Aconite Root And Glutinous Rice Decoction 附子粳米汤 Fu Zi Jing Mi Tang
Aconite Root Decoction 附子汤 Fu Zi Tang
Aconite And Cinnamon Twig Decoction 乌头桂枝汤 Wu Tou Gui Zhi Tang
Aconite Decoction 乌头汤 Wu Tou Tang
Antelope Horn And Uncaria Decoction 羚角钩藤汤 Ling Jiao Gou Teng Tang
Appropriate Decoction 抵当汤 Di Dang Tang
Apricot Kernel And Talcum Decoction 杏仁滑石汤 Xing Ren Hua Shi Tang
Apricot Kernel, Peucedanum, Spring Onion, And
Prepared Soybean Decoction
杏前葱豉汤 Xing Qian Cong Chi Tang
Arborvitae Twig Decoction 柏叶汤 Bai Ye Tang
Arnebia And Oyster Shell Decoction 紫根牡蛎汤 Zi Gen Mu Li Tang
Arrest Wheezing Decoction 定喘汤 Ding Chuan Tang
Ass-Hide Gelatin And Egg Yolk Decoction 阿胶鸡子黄汤 E Jiao Ji Zi Huang Tang
Ass-Hide Gelatin And Mugwort Decoction 胶艾汤 Jiao Ai Tang
Astragalus And Cinnamon Twig Five-Substance Decoction 黄芪桂枝五物汤 Huang Qi Gui Zhi Wu Wu Tang
Astragalus Decoction To Construct The Middle 黄耆建中汤 Huang Qi Jian Zhong Tang
Atractylodes Macrocephala And Aconite Root Decoction 白朮附子汤 Bai Zhu Fu Zi Tang
Augment The Qi And Increase Acuity Decoction 益气聪明汤 Yi Qi Cong Ming Tang
Augmented Four-Substance Decoction 加味四物汤 Jia Wei Si Wu Tang
Augmented Lindera Decoction 加味乌药汤 Jia Wei Wu Yao Tang
Augmented Major Bupleurum Decoction 加味大柴胡汤 Jia Wei Da Chai Hu Tang
Augmented Minor Decoction For Pathogens Stuck In The Chest 加味小陷胸汤 Jia Wei Xiao Xian Xiong Tang
Augmented Ophiopogonis Decoction 加味麦门冬汤 Jia Wei Mai Men Dong Tang
Augmented Pulsatilla Decoction 加味白头翁汤 Jia Wei Bai Tou Weng Tang
Augmented Two-Aged Herb Decoction 加味二陈汤 Jia Wei Er Chen Tang
Balmy Yang Decoction 阳和汤 Yang He Tang
Bamboo Sap Decoction To Thrust Out Phlegm 竹沥达痰丸 Zhu Li Da Tan Wan
Belamcanda And Ephedra Decoction 射干麻黄汤 She Gan Ma Huang Tang
Benefit Qi And Clear The Metal Decoction 益气清金汤 Yi Qi Qing Jin Tang
Benefit The River Flow Decoction 济川煎 Ji Chuan Jian
Benefit The Stomach Decoction 益胃汤 Yi Wei Tang
Bitter Orange, Gardenia, And Prepared Soybean Decoction 枳实栀子豉汤 Zhi Shi Zhi Zi Chi Tang
Brocade Red Decoction 锦红汤 Jin Hong Tang
Bupleurum And Asarum Decoction 柴胡细辛汤 Chai Hu Xi Xin Tang
Bupleurum And Calm The Stomach Decoction 柴平汤 Chai Ping Tang
Bupleurum And Cinnamon Twig Decoction 柴胡桂枝汤 Chai Hu Gui Zhi Tang
Bupleurum And Four-Substance Decoction 柴胡四物汤 Chai Hu Si Wu Tang
Bupleurum And Kudzu Decoction To Release The Muscle Layer 柴葛解肌汤 Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang
Bupleurum Decoction For Pathogens Stuck In The Chest 柴胡陷胸汤 Chai Hu Xian Xiong Tang
Bupleurum Decoction Plus Mirabilite 柴胡加芒硝汤 Chai Hu Jia Mang Xiao Tang
Bupleurum Decoction To Clear Dryness 柴胡清燥汤 Chai Hu Qing Zao Tang
Bupleurum Decoction To Clear The Liver 柴胡清肝汤 Chai Hu Qing Gan Tang
Bupleurum Plus Dragon Bone And Oyster Shell Decoction 柴胡加龙骨牡蛎汤 Chai Hu Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang
Bupleurum White Tiger Decoction 柴胡白虎汤 Chai Hu Bai Hu Tang
Bupleurum, Bitter Orange, And Platycodon Decoction 柴胡枳桔汤 Chai Hu Zhi Jie Tang
Bupleurum, Cinnamon Twig, And Ginger Decoction 柴胡桂姜汤 Chai Hu Gui Jiang Tang
Calm The Stomach And Poria Decoction 胃苓汤 Wei Ling Tang
Cattle Gallstone Decoction To Order The Qi 牛黄承气汤 Niu Huang Cheng Qi Tang
Change Yellow Discharge Decoction 易黄汤 Yi Huang Tang
Cimicifuga And Kudzu Decoction 升麻葛根汤 Sheng Ma Ge Gen Tang
Cinnamon And Aconite Root Decoction To Regulate The Middle 桂附理中汤 Gui Fu Li Zhong Tang
Cinnamon Twig And Ginseng Decoction 桂枝人参汤 Gui Zhi Ren Shen Tang
Cinnamon Twig Decoction 桂枝汤 Gui Zhi Tang
Cinnamon Twig Decoction Minus Peony 桂枝去芍药汤 Gui Zhi Qu Shao Yao Tang
Cinnamon Twig Decoction Plus Cinnamon 桂枝加桂汤 Gui Zhi Jia Gui Tang
Cinnamon Twig Decoction Plus Dragon Bone And Oyster Shell 桂枝加龙骨牡蛎汤 Gui Zhi Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang
Cinnamon Twig Decoction Plus Kudzu 桂枝加葛根汤 Gui Zhi Jia Ge Gen Tang
Cinnamon Twig Decoction Plus Magnolia Bark And Apricot Kernel 桂枝加厚朴杏子汤 Gui Zhi Jia Hou Po Xing Zi Tang
Cinnamon Twig Decoction Plus Peony 桂枝加芍药汤 Gui Zhi Jia Shao Yao Tang
Cinnamon Twig Plus Aconite Root Decoction 桂枝加附子汤 Gui Zhi Jia Fu Zi Tang
Cinnamon Twig, Licorice, Dragon Bone, And Oyster Shell Decoction 桂枝甘草龙骨牡蛎汤 Gui Zhi Gan Cao Long Gu Mu Li Tang
Cinnamon Twig, Peony, And Anemarrhena Decoction 桂枝芍药知母汤 Gui Zhi Shao Yao Zhi Mu Tang
Cinnamon Twig, Poria, Schisandra, And Licorice Decoction 桂苓五味甘草汤 Gui Ling Wu Wei Gan Cao Tang
Clear Dampness And Transform Phlegm Decoction 清湿化痰汤 Qing Shi Hua Tan Tang
Clear Discharge Decoction 清带汤 Qing Dai Tang
Clear Dryness And Rescue The Lungs Decoction 清燥救肺汤 Qing Zao Jiu Fei Tang
Clear Summerheat And Augment The Qi Decoction 清暑益气汤 Qing Shu Yi Qi Tang
Clear The Gallbladder And Drain Fire Decoction 清胆泻火汤 Qing Dan Xie Huo Tang
Clear The Heart And Enable The Diaphragm Decoction 清心利膈汤 Qing Xin Li Ge Tang
Clear The Liver And Thrust Out Constraint Decoction 清肝达郁汤 Qing Gan Da Yu Tang
Clear The Lungs Decoction 清肺汤 Qing Fei Tang
Clear The Nose Decoction 清鼻汤 Qing Bi Tang
Clear The Nutritive Level Decoction 清营汤 Qing Ying Tang
Clear The Palace Decoction 清宫汤 Qing Gong Tang
Clear The Pancreas Decoction 清胰汤 Qing Yi Tang
Clear The Spleen Decoction 清脾汤 Qing Pi Tang
Clear The Stomach Decoction 清胃汤 Qing Wei Tang
Clear The Throat And Enable The Diaphragm Decoction 清咽利膈汤 Qing Yan Li Ge Tang
Clear The Upper Decoction With Saposhnikovia 清上防风汤 Qing Shang Fang Feng Tang
Clove And Evodia Decoction To Regulate The Middle 丁萸理中汤 Ding Yu Li Zhong Tang
Clove And Persimmon Calyx Decoction 丁香柿蒂汤 Ding Xiang Shi Di Tang
Clove, Ass-Hide Gelatin, And Mugwort Decoction 丁香胶艾汤 Ding Xiang Jiao Ai Tang
Chinese Barley Decoction 薏苡仁汤 Yi Yi Ren Tang
Coix Decoction 薏苡仁汤 Yi Yi Ren Tang
Complete Decoction For Obtaining The True 十全育真汤 Shi Quan Yu Zhen Tang
Complete Great Tonifying Decoction 十全大补汤 Shi Quan Da Bu Tang
Conduct The Qi Decoction 导气汤 Dao Qi Tang
Construct Roof Tiles Decoction 建瓴汤 Jian Ling Tang
Construct The Middle Decoction ~ Jian Zhong Tang
Coptis And Ass-Hide Gelatin Decoction 黄连阿胶汤 Huang Lian E Jiao Tang
Coptis Decoction 黄连汤 Huang Lian Tang
Coptis Decoction To Resolve Toxicity 黄连解毒汤 Huang Lian Jie Du Tang
Corydalis Decoction 延胡索汤 Yan Hu Suo Tang
Cyperus And Fritillaria Decoction To Nourish Luxuriance 香贝养荣汤 Xiang Bei Yang Rong Tang
Cyperus And Inula Decoction 香附旋覆花汤 Xiang Fu Xuan Fu Hua Tang
Cyperus, Perilla Leaf, Scallion, And Prepared Soybean Decoction 香苏葱豉汤 Xiang Su Cong Chi Tang
Dang Gui And Astragalus Decoction To Construct The Middle 归耆建中汤 Gui Qi Jian Zhong Tang
Dang Gui And Six-Yellow Decoction 当归六黄汤 Dang Gui Liu Huang Tang
Dang Gui And Spatholobus Decoction 当归鸡血藤汤 Dang Gui Ji Xue Teng Tang
Dang Gui Decoction For Frigid Extremities 当归四逆汤 Dang Gui Si Ni Tang
Dang Gui Decoction For Frigid Extremities Plus Evodia And Fresh Ginger 当归四逆加吴茱萸生姜汤 Dang Gui Si Ni Jia Wu Zhu Yu Sheng Jiang Tang
Dang Gui Decoction To Construct The Middle ~ Dang Gui Jian Zhong Tang
Dang Gui Decoction To Pry Out Pain 当归拈痛汤 Dang Gui Nian Tong Tang
Dang Gui Decoction To Tonify The Blood 当归补血汤 Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang
Dang Gui, Fritillaria, And Sophora Decoction 当归贝母苦参丸 Dang Gui Bei Mu Ku Shen Wan
Decoction To Disperse Swelling And Ulcerate What Is Hard 散肿溃坚汤 San Zhong Kui Jian Tang
Decoction To Enrich Yin And Direct Fire Downward 滋阴降火汤 Zi Yin Jiang Huo Tang
Decoction To Regulate The Middle ~ Li Zhong Tang
Decoction To Wake From The Nightmare Of Insanity 癫狂梦醒汤 Dian Kuang Meng Xing Tang
Descurainia And Jujube Decoction To Drain The Lungs 葶苈大枣泻肺汤 Ting Li Da Zao Xie Fei Tang
Diffuse Constraint And Unblock The Channels Decoction 宣郁通经汤 Xuan Yu Tong Jing Tang
Direct Nitrogen Downward Decoction 降氮汤 Jiang Dan Tang
Direct Qi Downward And Transform Phlegm Decoction 降气化痰汤 Jiang Qi Hua Tan Tang
Disband Painful Obstruction Decoction 宣痺汤 Xuan Bi Tang
Disseminate The Lungs And Moisten The Intestines Decoction 宣肺润肠汤 Xuan Fei Run Chang Tang
Disseminate The White And Order The Qi Decoction 宣白承气汤 Xuan Bai Cheng Qi Tang
Dissipate Toxin And Release The Exterior Decoction 宣毒发表汤 Xuan Du Fa Biao Tang
Double Releasing Decoction With Spring Onions And Prepared Soybeans 双解加葱豉汤 Shuang Jie Jia Cong Chi Tang
Drain The Epigastrium And Guide Out The Red Decoction 泻心导赤汤 Xie Xin Dao Chi Tang
Drain The Epigastrium Decoction 泻心汤 Xie Xin Tang
Drain The Liver Decoction 泻肝汤 Xie Gan Tang
Dredge The Liver And Regulate The Spleen Decoction 疏肝理脾汤 Shu Gan Li Pi Tang
Dredge The Liver Decoction 疏肝汤 Shu Gan Tang
Dredge Wind And Invigorate The Blood Decoction 疏风活血汤 Shu Feng Huo Xue Tang
Drive Out Stasis Below The Diaphragm Decoction 膈下逐瘀汤 Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang
Drive Out Stasis From A Painful Body Decoction 身痛逐瘀汤 Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang
Drive Out Stasis From The Lower Abdomen Decoction 少腹逐瘀汤 Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang
Drive Out Stasis From The Mansion Of Blood Decoction 血府逐瘀汤 Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang
Eight-Treasure Decoction 八珍汤 Ba Zhen Tang
Eliminate Dampness Decoction By Combining
Calm The Stomach And Five-Ingredient Powder With Poria
除湿胃苓汤 Chu Shi Wei Ling Tang
End Discharge Decoction 完带汤 Wan Dai Tang
Enrich The Kidneys And Improve Vision Decoction 滋肾明目汤 Zi Shen Ming Mu Tang
Ephedra Decoction 麻黄汤 Ma Huang Tang
Ephedra Decoction Plus Atractylodes 麻黄加朮汤 Ma Huang Jia Zhu Tang
Ephedra, Aconite Root , And Asarum Decoction 麻黄附子细辛汤 Ma Huang Fu Zi Xi Xin Tang
Ephedra, Aconite Root , And Licorice Decoction 麻黄附子甘草汤 Ma Huang Fu Zi Gan Cao Tang
Ephedra, Apricot Kernel, Coix, And Licorice Decoction 麻黄杏仁薏苡甘草汤 Ma Huang Xing Ren Yi Yi Gan Cao Tang
Ephedra, Apricot Kernel, Gypsum, And Licorice Decoction 麻杏石甘汤 Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang
Ephedra, Asarum, And Aconite Root Decoction 麻黄细辛附子汤 Ma Huang Xi Xin Fu Zi Tang
Decoction Calm The Middle 中和汤 Zhong He Tang
Penetrating Meridian Calming Decoction 冲和汤 Chong He Tang
Evodia Decoction 吴茱萸汤 Wu Zhu Yu Tang
Expels Roundworms From The Biliary Tract Decoction 胆道驱蛔汤 Dan Dao Qu Hui Tang
Five Ingrediant With Poria Decoction To Open The Gate 五苓通关汤 Wu Ling Tong Guan Tang
Five Seed Decoction 五子汤 Wu Zi Tang
Five-Divine Decoction 五神汤 Wu Shen Tang
Five-Tiger Decoction 五虎汤 Wu Hu Tang
Flow-Warming Decoction 温经汤 Wen Jing Tang
Four Milled-Herb Decoction 四磨汤 Si Mo Tang
Four-Gentlemen Decoction 四君子汤 Si Jun Zi Tang
Four-Ingredient Decoction For The Seven Emotions 四七汤 Si Qi Tang
Four-Substance Decoction 四物汤 Si Wu Tang
Four-Substance Decoction With Safflower And Peach Pit 桃红四物汤 Tao Hong Si Wu Tang
Four-Substance Decoction With Scutellaria And Coptis 芩连四物汤 Qin Lian Si Wu Tang
Four-Valiant Decoction For Well-Being 四妙勇安汤 Si Miao Yong An Tang
Four-Yin Decoction 四阴煎 Si Yin Jian
Fresh Ginger And Licorice Decoction 生姜甘草汤 Sheng Jiang Gan Cao Tang
Fresh Ginger Decoction To Drain The Epigastrium 生姜泻心汤 Sheng Jiang Xie Xin Tang
Frigid Extremities Decoction 四逆汤 Si Ni Tang
Frigid Extremities Decoction Plus Ginseng 四逆加人参汤 Si Ni Jia Ren Shen Tang
Gardenia And Ginger Decoction 栀子干姜汤 Zhi Zi Gan Jiang Tang
Gardenia And Magnolia Bark Decoction 栀子厚朴汤 Zhi Zi Hou Po Tang
Gardenia And Phellodendron Decoction 栀子柏皮汤 Zhi Zi Bai Pi Tang
Gardenia And Prepared Soybean Decoction 栀子豉汤 Zhi Zi Chi Tang
Gardenia And Rhubarb Decoction 栀子大黄汤 Zhi Zi Da Huang Tang
Gardenia, Fresh Ginger, And Prepared Soybean Decoction 栀子生姜豉汤 Zhi Zi Sheng Jiang Chi Tang
Gardenia, Licorice, And Prepared Soybean Decoction 栀子甘草豉汤 Zhi Zi Gan Cao Chi Tang
Gardenia, Scutellaria And Kudzu Decoction 栀子芩葛汤 Zhi Zi Qin Ge Tang
Generating And Transforming Decoction 生化汤 Sheng Hua Tang
Gentian Decoction To Drain The Liver 龙胆泻肝汤 Long Dan Xie Gan Tang
Ginger, Coptis, Scutellaria, And Ginseng Decoction 干姜黄连黄芩人参汤 Gan Jiang Huang Lian Huang Qin Ren Shen Tang
Ginseng And Aconite Root Decoction 参附汤 Shen Fu Tang
Ginseng And Mume Decoction 人参乌梅汤 Ren Shen Wu Mei Tang
Ginseng And Walnut Decoction 人参蛤蚧汤 Ren Shen Hu Tao Tang
Ginseng Decoction To Drain The Epigastrium 人参泻心汤 Ren Shen Xie Xin Tang
Ginseng Decoction To Drain The Lungs 人参泻肺汤 Ren Shen Xie Fei Tang
Ginseng Decoction To Nourish Luxuriance 人参养荣汤 Ren Shen Yang Rong Tang
Ginseng Transform Skin Blotches Decoction 人参化斑汤 Ren Shen Hua Ban Tang
Glehnia And Ophiopogonis Decoction 沙参麦门冬汤 Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Tang
Great Tonify The Primal Decoction 大补元煎 Da Bu Yuan Jian
Guide Out Phlegm Decoction 导痰汤 Dao Tan Tang
Guide Out The Red And Order The Qi Decoction 导赤承气汤 Dao Chi Cheng Qi Tang
Gypsum Decoction 石膏汤 Shi Gao Tang
Half Cinnamon Twig And Half Ephedra Decoction 桂枝麻黄各半汤 Gui Zhi Ma Huang Ge Ban Tang
Halloysite And Limonite Decoction 赤石脂禹余粮汤 Chi Shi Zhiyu Yu Liang Tang
Harmonize The Six Decoction 六和汤 Liu He Tang
Honeysuckle And Forsythia Decoction 银翘汤 Yin Qiao Tang
Honeysuckle Decoction To Resolve Toxicity 银花解毒汤 Yin Hua Jie Du Tang
Increase The Fluids And Order The Qi Decoction 增液承气汤 Zeng Ye Cheng Qi Tang
Increase The Fluids Decoction 增液汤 Zeng Ye Tang
Internal Dispersing Decoction With Coptis 内疏黄连汤 Nei Shu Huang Lian Tang
Internal Flow Promoting Decoction With Coptis 内流黄连汤 Nei Liu Huang Lian Tang
Internally Tonifying Decoction With Astragalus 内补黄耆汤 Nei Bu Huang Qi Tang
Internally Tonifying Dang Gui Decoction To Construct The Middle 内补当归建中汤 Nei Bu Dang Gui Jian Zhong Tang
Intestinal Serenity Decoction 肠宁汤 Chang Ning Tang
Inula And Haematite Decoction 旋覆代赭汤 Xuan Fu Dai Zhe Tang
Inula Decoction 旋覆花汤 Xuan Fu Hua Tang
Jade Fluid Decoction 玉液汤 Yu Ye Tang
Jade Woman Decoction 玉女煎 Yu Nu Jian
Kansui And Pinellia Decoction 甘遂半夏汤 Gan Sui Ban Xia Tang
Kudzu Decoction 葛根汤 Ge Gen Tang
Kudzu Decoction Plus Pinellia 葛根加半夏汤 Ge Gen Jia Ban Xia Tang
Kudzu, Scutellaria, And Coptis Decoction 葛根黄芩黄连汤 Ge Gen Huang Qin Huang Lian Tang
Licorice And Aconite Root Decoction 甘草附子汤 Gan Cao Fu Zi Tang
Licorice And Ginger Decoction 甘草干姜汤 Gan Cao Gan Jiang Tang
Licorice Decoction To Drain The Epigastrium 甘草泻心汤 Gan Cao Xie Xin Tang
Licorice, Ginger, Poria And White Atractrylodes Decoction 甘草干姜茯苓白朮汤 Gan Cao Gan Jiang Fu Ling Bai Zhu Tang
Licorice, Wheat, And Jujube Decoction 甘麦大枣汤 Gan Mai Da Zao Tang
Lift The Source Decoction 举元煎 Ju Yuan Jian
Lily Bulb And Anemarrhena Decoction 百合知母汤 Bai He Zhi Mu Tang
Lily Bulb And Egg Yolk Decoction 百合鸡子黄汤 Bai He Ji Zi Huang Tang
Lily Bulb And Rehmannia Decoction 百合地黄汤 Bai He Di Huang Tang
Lily Bulb Decoction To Preserve The Metal 百合固金汤 Bai He Gu Jin Tang
Linking Decoction 一贯煎 Yi Guan Jian
Liver-Clearing and Kidney-Nourishing Decoction 清肝养肾汤 Qing Gan Yang Shen Tang
Lonicera, Honeysuckle, And Fritillaria Decoction 连翘金贝煎 Lian Qiao Jin Bei Jian
Lophatherum And Gypsum Decoction 竹叶石膏汤 Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang
Lophatherum And Tamarisk Decoction 竹叶柽柳汤 Zhu Ye Cheng Liu Tang
Lophatherum Jade Woman Decoction 竹叶玉女煎 Zhu Ye Yu Nu Jian
Magnolia Bark Decoction For Warming The Middle 厚朴温中汤 Hou Po Wen Zhong Tang
Maidservant From Yue's Decoction 越婢汤 Yue Bi Tang
Maidservant From Yue's Decoction Plus Atractylodes 越婢加朮汤 Yue Bi Jia Zhu Tang
Maidservant From Yue's Decoction Plus Pinellia 越婢加半夏汤 Yue Bi Jia Ban Xia Tang
Major Bluegreen Dragon Decoction 大青龙汤 Da Qing Long Tang
Major Bupleurum Decoction 大柴胡汤 Da Chai Hu Tang
Major Construct The Middle Decoction 大建中汤 Da Jian Zhong Tang
Major Decoction For Pathogens Stuck In The Chest 大陷胸汤 Da Xian Xiong Tang
Major Extend Life Decoction 大续命汤 Xu Ming Tang
Major Large Gentian Decoction 大秦艽汤 Da Qin Jiao Tang
Major Notopterygium Decoction 大羌活汤 Da Qiang Huo Tang
Major Order The Qi Decoction 大承气汤 Da Cheng Qi Tang
Major Saposhnikovia Decoction 大防风汤 Da Fang Feng Tang
Major Seven-Emotions Decoction 大七气汤 Da Qi Qi Tang
Massive Febrile Disorder Of The Head Decoction 大头瘟汤 Da Tou Wen Tang
Master Lei's Decoction To Clear, Cool, And Remove Summerheat 雷氏清凉涤暑汤 Lei Shi Qing Liang Di Shu Tang
Master Wu's Coptis And Mume Decoction 吴氏连梅汤 Wu Shi Lian Mei Tang
Minor Bluegreen Dragon Decoction 小青龙汤 Xiao Qing Long Tang
Minor Bluegreen Dragon Decoction Plus Gypsum 小青龙加石膏汤 Xiao Qing Long Jia Shi Gao Tang
Minor Bupleurum Decoction 小柴胡汤 Xiao Chai Hu Tang
Minor Construct The Middle Decoction 小建中汤 Xiao Jian Zhong Tang
Minor Decoction For Pathogens Stuck In The Chest 小陷胸汤 Xiao Xian Xiong Tang
Minor Extend Life Decoction 小续命汤 Xiao Xu Ming Tang
Minor Order The Qi Decoction 小承气汤 Xiao Cheng Qi Tang
Minor Pinellia Plus Poria Decoction 小半夏加茯苓汤 Xiao Ban Xia Jia Fu Ling Tang
Minor Pinellia Decoction 小半夏汤 Xiao Ban Xia Tang
Minor Seven-Emotions Decoction 小七气汤 Si Qi Tang
Modified Guide Out The Red And Drain The Epigastrium Decoction 加减导赤泻心汤 Jia Jian Dao Chi Xie Xin Tang
Modified Lophatherum And Gypsum Decoction 加减竹叶石膏汤 Jia Jian Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang
Modified Minor Bupleurum Decoction 加减小柴胡汤 Jia Jian Xiao Chai Hu Tang
Modified Restore The Pulse Decoction 加减复脉汤 Jia Jian Fu Mai Tang
Modified Solomon's Seal Decoction 加减葳蕤汤 Jia Jian Wei Rui Tang
Modified Tonify The Middle To Augment The Qi Decoction 加减补中益气汤 Jia Jian Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang
Moisten Dryness And Leach Out Dampness Decoction 润燥渗湿汤 Run Zao Shen Shi Tang
Mosla And Bitter Almond Decoction 薷杏汤 Ru Xing Tang
Mulberry Leaf And Apricot Kernel Decoction 桑杏汤 Sang Xing Tang
Mulberry Leaf And Moutan Decoction To Drain The White 桑丹泻白散 Sang Dan Xie Bai Tang
Mysterious Decoction 神秘汤 Shen Mi Tang
Newly Augmented Jade Woman Decoction 新加玉女煎 Xin Jia Yu Nu Jian
Newly Augmented Yellow Dragon Decoction 新加黄龙汤 Xin Jia Huang Long Tang
Newly Modified Three-Unbinding Decoction 新加三拗汤 Xin Jia San Ao Tang
Newly-Formulated Tangerine Peel And Bamboo Shavings Decoction 新制橘皮竹茹汤 Xin Zhi Ju Pi Zhu Ru Tang
Nine-Herb Decoction With Notopterygium 九味羌活汤 Jiu Wei Qiang Huo Tang
Notopterygium Decoction To Overcome Dampness 羌活胜湿汤 Qiang Huo Sheng Shi Tang
Nourish The Heart Decoction 养心汤 Yang Xin Tang
Nourish The Normal And Unblock The Pylorus Decoction 养正通幽汤 Yang Zheng Tong You Tang
Nourish The Stomach Decoction With Aucklandia And Amomum 香沙养胃汤 Xiang Sha Yang Wei Tang
Nourish The Yin And Clear The Lungs Decoction 养阴清肺汤 Yang Yin Qing Fei Tang
Obesity-Reducing Formula 轻身一方 Qing Shen Yi Fang
One-Shell Decoction To Restore The Pulse 一甲复脉汤 Yi Jia Fu Mai Tang
Ophiopogonis Decoction 麦门冬汤 Mai Men Dong Tang
Order The Qi And Nourish The Nutritive Decoction 承气养荣汤 Cheng Qi Yang Rong Tang
Agastache, Magnolia Bark, Pinellia, And Poria Decoction 藿朴夏苓汤 Huo Po Xia Ling Tang
Peach Blossom Decoction 桃花汤 Tao Hua Tang
Peach Pit Decoction To Order The Qi 桃核承气汤 Tao He Cheng Qi Tang
Peony And Licorice Decoction 芍药甘草汤 Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang
Peony Decoction 芍药汤 Shao Yao Tang
Peony, Licorice, And Aconite Root Decoction 芍药甘草附子汤 Shao Yao Gan Cao Fu Zi Tang
Perilla Fruit Decoction For Directing Qi Downward 苏子降气汤 Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang
Persimmon Calyx Decoction 柿蒂汤 Shi Di Tang
Picrorhiza And Mume Decoction To Calm Roundworms 连梅安蛔汤 Lian Mei An Hui Tang
Pinellia And Magnolia Bark Decoction 半夏厚朴汤 Ban Xia Hou Po Tang
Pinellia And Millet Decoction 半夏秫米汤 Ban Xia Shu Mi Tang
Pinellia Decoction To Drain The Epigastrium 半夏泻心汤 Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang
Pinellia Decoction To Extend Life 延年半夏汤 Yan Nian Ban Xia Tang
Pinellia, White Atractylodes, And Gastrodia Decoction 半夏白术天麻汤 Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang
Polyporus Decoction 猪苓汤 Zhu Ling Tang
Polyporus Decoction From Master Shen 沉氏猪苓汤 Shen Shi Zhu Ling Tang
Poria And Licorice Decoction 茯苓甘草汤 Fu Ling Gan Cao Tang
Poria, Cinnamon Twig, Atractylodes, And Licorice Decoction 苓桂朮甘汤 Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang
Poria, Licorice, And Schisandra Plus Ginger,
Asarum, Pinellia, And Apricot Kernel Decoction
苓甘五味加姜辛半夏杏仁汤 Ling Gan Wu Wei Jia Jiang Xin Ban Xia Xing Ren Tang
Poria, Licorice, Schisandra, Ginger, And Asarum Decoction 苓甘五味姜辛汤 Ling Gan Wu Wei Jiang Xin Tang
Prepared Licorice Decoction 炙甘草汤 Zhi Gan Cao Tang
Preserve The Primal Decoction 保元汤 Bao Yuan Tang
Pubescent Angelica And Taxillus Decoction 独活寄生汤 Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang
Pulsatilla Decoction 白头翁汤 Bai Tou Weng Tang
Pulsatilla Decoction Plus Licorice And Ass-Hide Gelatin 白头翁加甘草阿胶汤 Bai Tou Weng Jia Gan Cao E Jiao Tang
Purge Static Blood Decoction 下瘀血汤 Xia Yu Xue Tang
Quiet The Blood Decoction 宁血汤 Ning Xue Tang
Raise The Sunken Decoction 升陷汤 Sheng Xian Tang
Raise The Yang And Augment The Stomach Decoction 升阳益胃汤 Sheng Yang Yi Wei Tang
Raise The Yang And Disperse Fire Decoction 升阳散火汤 Sheng Yang San Huo Tang
Reed Decoction 苇茎汤 Wei Jing Tang
Reed Decoction With Five Leaves 五叶芦根汤 Wu Ye Lu Gen Tang
Regulate The Middle And Calm Roundworm Decoction 理中安蛔汤 Li Zhong An Hui Tang
Regulate The Middle To Augment The Qi Decoction 调中益气汤 Tiao Zhong Yi Qi Tang
Regulate The Stomach And Order The Qi Decoction 调胃承气汤 Tiao Wei Cheng Qi Tang
Regulating Decoction With Coptis 连理汤 Lian Li Tang
Relax The Channels And Invigorate The Blood Decoction 舒经活血汤 Shu Jing Huo Xue Tang
Remove Painful Obstruction Decoction 蠲痹汤 Juan Bi Tang
Resolve The Liver Decoction 解肝煎 Jie Gan Jian
Restore And Revive The Yang Decoction 回阳救急汤 Hui Yang Jiu Ji Tang
Restore The Spleen Decoction 归脾汤 Gui Pi Tang
Revised Major Order The Qi Decoction 复方大承气汤 Fu Fang Da Cheng Qi Tang
Revive Health By Invigorating The Blood Decoction 复元活血汤 Fu Yuan Huo Xue Tang
Rhinoceros And Rhemannia Decoction For Venting The Nutritive Level 犀地透营汤 Xi Di Tou Ying Tang
Rhinoceros Horn And Rehmannia Decoction 犀角地黄汤 Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang
Rhubarb And Aconite Root Decoction 大黄附子汤 Da Huang Fu Zi Tang
Rhubarb And Licorice Decoction 大黄甘草汤 Da Huang Gan Cao Tang
Rhubarb And Moutan Decoction 大黄牡丹汤 Da Huang Mu Dan Tang
Rhubarb, Coptis, And Phellodendron Decoction 大黄连柏汤 Da Huang Lian Bai Tang
Sage-Like Healing Decoction 圣愈汤 Sheng Yu Tang
Sargassum Decoction For The Jade Flask 海藻玉壶汤 Hai Zao Yu Hu Tang
Scallion And Prepared Soybean Decoction 葱豉汤 Cong Chi Tang
Scallion And Prepared Soybean Decoction To Safeguard Life 活人葱豉汤 Huo Ren Cong Chi Tang
Scallion, Prepared Soybean And Platycodon Decoction 葱豉桔梗汤 Cong Chi Jie Geng Tang
Schizonepeta And Forsythia Decoction 荆芥连翘汤 Jing Jie Lian Qiao Tang
Scour Phlegm Decoction 涤痰汤 Di Tan Tang
Scutellaria And Talcum Decoction 黄芩滑石汤 Huang Qin Hua Shi Tang
Scutellaria Decoction 黄芩汤 Huang Qin Tang
Sedate The Liver And Extinguish Wind Decoction 镇肝熄风汤 Zhen Gan Xi Feng Tang
Separate And Reduce Decoction 分消汤 Fen Xiao Tang
Separate And Reduce Fullness In The Middle Decoction 中满分消汤 Zhong Man Fen Xiao Tang
Seven-Substance Decoction For Directing Downward 七物降下汤 Qi Wu Jiang Xia Tang
Seven-Substance Decoction With Magnolia Bark 厚朴七物汤 Hou Po Qi Wu Tang
Silkworm Droppings Decoction 蚕矢汤 Can Shi Tang
Six Milled-Herb Decoction 六磨汤 Liu Mo Tang
Six-Gentleman Decoction 六君子汤 Liu Jun Zi Tang
Six-Gentleman Decoction With Aucklandia And Amomum 香沙六君子汤 Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang
Six-Gentleman Of Metal And Water Decoction 金水六君煎 Jin Shui Liu Jun Jian
Six-Seed Decoction With Trichosanthis And Chinese Garlic 楼薤六仁汤 Lou Xie Liu Ren Tang
Six-Serenity Decoction 六安煎 Liu An Jian
Smooth The Menses Decoction 顺经汤 Shun Jing Tang
Solomon's Seal Decoction 葳蕤汤 Wei Rui Tang
Sour Jujube Decoction 酸枣仁汤 Suan Zao Ren Tang
Spring Marsh Decoction 春泽汤 Chun Ze Tang
Stabilize Gushing Decoction 固冲汤 Gu Chong Tang
Stabilize The Exterior And Stop Sweating Decoction 固表止汗汤 Gu Biao Zhi Han Tang
Stabilize The Root And Stop Excessive Uterine Bleeding Decoction 固本止崩汤 Gu Ben Zhi Beng Tang
Stabilize The True Decoction 固真汤 Gu Zhen Tang
Stabilize The Yin Decoction 固阴煎 Gu Yin Jian
Stephania And Astragalus Decoction 防己黄耆汤 Fang Ji Huang Qi Tang
Stephania And Poria Decoction 防己茯苓汤 Fang Ji Fu Ling Tang
Sweet Wormwood And Scutellaria Decoction To Clear The Gallbladder 蒿芩清胆汤 Hao Qin Qing Dan Tang
Sweet Wormwood And Soft-Shelled Turtle Shell Decoction 青蒿鳖甲汤 Qing Hao Bie Jia Tang
Talcum And Hematite Decoction 滑石代赭汤 Hua Shi Dai Zhe Tang
Tangerine Peel And Bamboo Shavings Decoction 橘皮竹茹汤 Ju Pi Zhu Ru Tang
Tangerine Peel Decoction 橘皮汤 Ju Pi Tang
Ten Divine Decoction 十神汤 Shi Shen Tang
Ten-Ingredient Warm Gallbladder Decoction 十味温胆汤 Shi Wei Wen Dan Tang
Ten-Jujube Decoction 十枣汤 Shi Zao Tang
Three Painful Obstruction Decoction 三痹汤 San Bi Tang
Three Transformation Decoction 三化汤 San Hua Tang
Three-Gold Decoction 三金汤 San Jin Tang
Three-Minerals Decoction 三石汤 San Shi Tang
Three-Seed Decoction 三仁汤 San Ren Tang
Three-Seed Decoction To Nourish One's Parents 三子养亲汤 San Zi Yang Qin Tang
Three-Shell Decoction To Restore The Pulse 三甲复脉汤 San Jia Fu Mai Tang
Three-Substance Decoction With Magnolia Bark 厚朴三物汤 Hou Po San Wu Tang
Three-Talents Decoction 三才汤 San Cai Tang
Three-Unbinding Decoction 三拗汤 San Ao Tang
Three-Yellow And Gypsum Decoction 三黄石膏汤 San Huang Shi Gao Tang
Thrust Out Constraint Decoction 达郁汤 Da Yu Tang
Tonify Spleen-Stomach, Drain Yin Fire, And Raise Yang Decoction 补脾胃泻阴火升阳汤 Bu Pi Wei Xie Yin Huo Sheng Yang Tang
Tonify The Liver Decoction 补肝汤 Bu Gan Tang
Tonify The Lungs Decoction 补肺汤 Bu Fei Tang
Tonify The Lungs Decoction With Ass-Hide Gelatin 补肺阿胶汤 Bu Fei E Jiao Tang
Tonify The Middle To Augment The Qi Decoction 补中益气汤 Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang
Tonify The Yang To Restore Five-Tenths Decoction 补阳还五汤 Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang
Transform Maculae Decoction 化斑汤 Hua Ban Tang
Trichosanthes Fruit And Unripe Bitter Orange Decoction 栝楼枳实汤 Gua Lou Zhi Shi Tang
Trichosanthes Fruit, Chinese Chive, And Pinellia Decoction 栝蒌薤白半夏汤 Gua Lou Xie Bai Ban Xia Tang
Trichosanthes Fruit, Chinese Chive, And Wine Decoction 栝蒌薤白白酒汤 Gua Lou Xie Bai Bai Jiu Tang
True Man's Decoction To Nourish The Organs 真人养脏汤 Zhen Ren Yang Zang Tang
True Warrior Decoction 真武汤 Zhen Wu Tang
Two Atractylodes Decoction 二术汤 Er Zhu Tang
Two-Aged Herb Decoction 二陈汤 Er Chen Tang
Two-Immortal Decoction 二仙汤 Er Xian Tang
Two-Parts Cinnamon Twig Decoction With
One-Part Maidservant From Yue's Decoction
桂枝二越婢一汤 Gui Zhi Er Yue Bi Yi Tang
Two-Shell Decoction To Restore The Pulse 二甲复脉汤 Er Jia Fu Mai Tang
Angelica Grosserrata And Ginseng Decoction 独参汤 Du Shen Tang
Unblock The Orifices And Invigorate The Blood Decoction 通窍活血汤 Tong Qiao Huo Xue Tang
Unblock The Pulse Decoction For Frigid Extremities 通脉四逆汤 Tong Mai Si Ni Tang
Unblock The Pylorus Decoction 通幽汤 Tong You Tang
Unripe Bitter Orange And Atractylodes Decoction 枳术汤 Zhi Zhu Tang
Unripe Bitter Orange, Chinese Garlic, And
Cinnamon Twig Decoction
枳实薤白桂枝汤 Zhi Shi Xie Bai Gui Zhi Tang
Virgate Wormwood Decoction 茵陈蒿汤 Yin Chen Hao Tang
Virgate Wormwood Decoction For Frigid Extremities 茵陈四逆汤 Yin Chen Si Ni Tang
Virgate Wormwood, Aconite Root, And Ginger Decoction 茵陈附子干姜汤 Yin Chen Fu Zi Gan Jiang Tang
Virgate Wormwood, Atractylodes, And Aconite Root Decoction 茵陈朮附汤 Yin Chen Zhu Fu Tang
Warm Gallbladder Decoction 温胆汤 Wen Dan Tang
Warm Gallbladder Decoction With Coptis 黄连温胆汤 Huang Lian Wen Dan Tang
Warm The Liver Decoction 暖肝煎 Nuan Gan Jian
Warm The Spleen Decoction 温脾汤 Wen Pi Tang
White Atractylodes And Aconite Root Decoction 白朮附子汤 Bai Zhu Fu Zi Tang
White Penetrating Decoction 白通汤 Bai Tong Tang
White Tiger And Order The Qi Decoction 白虎承气汤 Bai Hu Cheng Qi Tang
White Tiger Decoction 白虎汤 Bai Hu Tang
White Tiger Decoction To Suppress Rebellion 镇逆白虎汤 Zhen Ni Bai Hu Tang
White Tiger Decoction With Antelope And Rhinoceros Horn 羚犀白虎汤 Ling Xi Bai Hu Tang
White Tiger Plus Atractylodes Decoction 白虎加苍朮汤 Bai Hu Jia Cang Zhu Tang
White Tiger Plus Cinnamon Twig Decoction 白虎加桂枝汤 Bai Hu Jia Gui Zhi Tang
White Tiger Plus Ginseng Decoction 白虎加人参汤 Bai Hu Jia Ren Shen Tang
Wind-Drawing Decoction 风引汤 Feng Yin Tang
Yellow Dragon Decoction 黄龙汤 Huang Long Tang
Yellow Earth Decoction 黄土汤 Huang Tu Tang
Yi Letter Decoction 乙字汤 Yi Zi Tang


English Translation Chinese Term Transliteration
Apricot Kernel And Perilla Drink 杏苏饮 Xing Su Yin
Bolster The Spleen Drink 实脾饮 Shi Pi Yin
Bupleurum Drink To Reach The Source 柴胡达原饮 Chai Hu Da Yuan Yin
Chuan Xiong And Dang Gui Drink To Regulate The Blood 芎归调血饮 Xiong Gui Tiao Xue Yin
Cinnamon And Poria Sweet Dew Drink 桂苓甘露饮 Gui Ling Gan Lu Yin
Clear Epidemics And Remove Toxins Drink 清瘟败毒饮 Qing Wen Bai Du Yin
Clear The Collaterals Drink 清络饮 Qing Luo Yin
Clear The Heart Drink With Lotus Seed 清心莲子饮 Qing Xin Lian Zi Yin
Clear The Intestines Drink 清肠饮 Qing Chang Yin
Clear The Liver Drink 清肝饮 Qing Gan Yin
Clear The Lungs Drink 清肺饮 Qing Fei Yin
Clear The Lungs Drink 清肺饮子 Qing Fei Yin Zi
Clearing And Cooling Drink 清凉饮子 Qing Liang Yin Zi
Coptis And Magnolia Bark Drink 连朴饮 Lian Po Yin
Coptis And Mosla Drink 黄连香薷饮 Huang Lian Xiang Ru Yin
Delayed Menstruation Drink 过期饮 Guo Qi Yin
Dichroa Drink 常山饮 Chang Shan Yin
Discharge Gas Drink 排气饮 Pai Qi Yin
Dredging And Cutting Drink 疏凿饮子 Shu Zao Yin Zi
Drink Of Three Unprepared Ingredients 三生饮 San Sheng Yin
Drink To Turn Back The Penetrating Vessel 折冲饮 Zhe Chong Yin
Eliminate Wind Drink With The Four Substances 四物消风饮 Si Wu Xiao Feng Yin
Enrich Water And Clear The Liver Drink 滋水清肝饮 Zi Shui Qing Gan Yin
Five Milled-Herb Drink 五磨饮子 Wu Mo Yin Zi
Five-Ingredient Drink To Eliminate Toxin 五味消毒饮 Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin
Five-Juice Drink 五汁饮 Wu Zhi Yin
Five-Peel Drink 五皮饮 Wu Pi Yin
Five-Substance Drink With Mosla 五物香薷饮 Wu Wu Xiang Ru Yin
Fleeceflower Root And Ginseng Drink 何人饮 He Ren Yin
Four-Ingredient Drinkwith Mosla 四物香薷饮 Si W Xiang Ru Yin
Gastrodia And Uncaria Drink 天麻钩藤饮 Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin
Ginseng And Perilla Leaf Drink 参苏饮 Shen Su Yin
Immortals’ Formula Drink For Sustaining Life 仙方活命饮 Xian Fang Huo Ming Yin
Iron Filings Drink 生铁落饮 Sheng Tie Luo Yin
Lycium Root Bark Drink 地骨皮饮 Di Gu Pi Yin
Magnolia Flower Drink To Clear The Lungs 辛夷清肺饮 Xin Yi Qing Fei Yin
Major Harmonize The Middle Drink 大和中饮 Da He Zhong Yin
Minor Harmonize The Middle Drink 小和中饮 Xiao He Zhong Yin
Modified Formulation Of Heart Qi Drink 变制心气饮 Bian Zhi Xin Qi Yin
Modified Reach The Source Drink 加减达原饮 Jia Jian Da Yuan Yin
Mulberry Leaf And Chrysanthemum Drink 桑菊饮 Sang Ju Yin
Newly Augmented Mosla Drink 新加香薷饮 Xin Jia Xiang Ru Yin
Reach The Source Drink 达原饮 Da Yuan Yin
Rehmannia Drink 地黄饮子 Di Huang Yin Zi
Restore The Left Kidney Drink 左归饮 Zuo Gui Yin
Restore The Right Kidney Drink 右归饮 You Gui Yin
Salvia Drink 丹参饮 Dan Shen Yin
Scallion Drink With Seven Ingredients 葱白七味饮 Cong Bai Qi Wei Yin
Seven-Peel Drink 七皮饮 Qi Pi Yin
Seven-Treasure Drink To Check Malarial Disorders 截疟七宝饮 Jie Nue Qi Bao Yin
Six-Ingredient Drink With Molsa 六味香薷饮 Liu Wei Xiang Ru Yin
Sixteen-Ingredient Drink For Qi Flow 十六味流气饮 Shi Liu Wei Liu Qi Yin
Small Thistle Drink 小蓟饮子 Xiao Ji Yin Zi
String Of Pearls Drink 连珠饮 Lian Zhu Yin
Support The Interior And Eliminate Toxin Drink 托里消毒饮 Tuo Li Xiao Du Yin
Sweet Dew Drink 甘露饮 Gan Lu Yin
Dang Gui And Rehmannia Drink 当归地黄饮 Dang Gui Di Huang Yin
Dang Gui Drink 当归饮子 Dang Gui Yin Zi
Ten-Ingredient Drink With Mosla 十味香薷饮 Shi Wei Xiang Ru Yin
Drink To Separate The Clear 萆薢分清饮 Bi Xie Fen Qing Yin
Uncaria Drink 钩藤饮 Gou Teng Yin
Universal Benefit Drink To Eliminate Toxin 普济消毒饮 Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin
Warming And Clearing Drink 璁清饮 Wen Qing Yin


English Translation Chinese Term Transliteration
Aconite Root Pill To Regulate The Middle 附子理中丸 Fu Zi Li Zhong Wan
Anemarrhena, Phellodendron, And Rehmannia Pill 知柏地黄丸 Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan
Arborvitae Seed Pill 柏子仁丸 Bai Zi Ren Wan
Arborvitae Seed Pill For Women's Diseases 女科柏子仁丸 Nu Ke Bai Zi Ren Wan
Arborvitae Seed Pill To Nourish The Heart 柏子养心汤 Bai Zi Yang Xin Wan
Arrest Seizures Pill 定痫丸 Ding Xian Wan
Aucklandia And Betel Nut Pill 木香槟榔丸 Mu Xiang Bing Lang Wan
Aucklandia And Coptis Pill 香莲丸 Xiang Lian Wan
Aucklandia, Amomum, Unripe Bitter Orange, And
Atractylodes Pill
香砂枳术丸 Xiang Sha Zhi Zhu Wan
Augmented Kidney Qi Pill 加味肾气丸 Jia Wei Shen Qi Wan
Augmented Six-Ingredient Pill With Rehmannia 加味六味地黄丸 Jia Wei Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
Augmented Two-Marvel Pill 加味二妙丸 Jia Wei Er Miao Wan
Bonesetter's Purple-Gold Special Pill 正骨紫金丹 Zheng Gu Zi Jin Dan
Calm The Palace Pill With Cattle Gallstone 安宫牛黄丸 An Gong Niu Huang Wan
Capital Qi Pill 都气丸 Du Qi Wan
Cattle Gallstone Pill To Ascend And Clear 牛黄上清丸 Niu Huang Shang Qing Wan
Cinnabar Pill To Calm The Spirit 朱砂安神丸 Zhu Sha An Shen Wan
Cinnamon Twig And Poria Pill 桂枝茯苓丸 Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan
Clear Metal And Transform Phlegm Pill 清金化痰丸 Qing Jin Hua Tan Wan
Clear The Qi And Transform Phlegm Pill 清气化痰丸 Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan
Cloth Sack Pill 布袋丸 Bu Dai Wan
Cold Asthma Pill 冷哮丸 Leng Xiao Wan
Control Mucus Special Pill 控涎丹 Kong Xian Dan
Coptis Pill To Ascend And Clear 黄连上清丸 Huang Lian Shang Qing Wan
Cormorant Saliva Pill 鸬鹚涎丸 Lu Ci Xian Wan
Cure Discharge Pill 愈带丸 Yu Dai Wan
Cuscuta Seed Pill 菟丝子丸 Tu Si Zi Wan
Dendrobium Pill For Night Vision 石斛夜光丸 Shi Hu Ye Guang Wan
Dissolve Parasites Pill 化虫丸 Hua Chong Wan
Drain The Green Pill 泻青丸 Xie Qing Wan
Eight-Immortal Pill For Longevity 八仙长寿丸 Ba Xian Chang Shou Wan
Eight-Ingredient Pill With Rehmannia 八味地黄丸 Ba Wei Di Huang Wan
Eight-Treasure Pill To Benefit Mothers 八珍益母汤 Ba Zhen Yi Mu Wan
Embrace Dragon Pill 抱龙丸 Bao Long Wan
Emperor Of Heaven's Special Pill To Tonify The Heart 天王补心丹 Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan
Ephedra Pill With Ten Ingredients 麻黄等十味丸 Ma Huang Deng Shi Wei Wan
Escape Restraint Pill 越鞠丸 Yue Ju Wan
Fantastically Effective Pill To Invigorate The Collaterals 活络效灵丹 Huo Luo Xiao Ling Dan
Fat Baby Pill 肥儿丸 Fei Er Wan
Fat Baby Pill 金鉴肥儿丸 Jin Jian Fei Er Wan
Fetus Longevity Pill 寿胎丸 Shou Tai Wan
Fifth And Sixth Heavenly Stem Pill 戊己丸 Wu Ji Wan
Five-Seed Pill 五仁丸 Wu Ren Wan
Flushing Away Roiling Phlegm Pill 滚痰丸 Gun Tan Wan
Four-Fresh Pill 四生丸 Si Sheng Wan
Four-Marvel Pill 四妙丸 Si Miao Wan
Four-Miracle Pill 四神丸 Si Shen Wan
Four-Miracle Pill From The Tranquil Hut 澹寮四神丸 Dan Liao Si Shen Wan
Galangal And Cyperus Pill 良附丸 Liang Fu Wan
Ginger, Ginseng, And Pinellia Pill 干姜人参半夏丸 Gan Jiang Ren Shen Ban Xia Wan
Grand Communication Pill 交泰丸 Jiao Tai Wan
Great Creation Pill 大造丸 Da Zao Wan
Great Tonify The Yin Pill 大补阴丸 Da Bu Yin Wan
Great Tranquility Pill 大安丸 Da An Wan
Greatest Treasure Special Pill 至宝丹 Zhi Bao Dan
Greatest Treasure Special Pill To Dispel Wind 祛风至宝丹 Qu Feng Zhi Bao Dan
Guide Out Water Pill 导水丸 Dao Shui Wan
Halt The Carts Pill 驻车丸 Zhu Che Wan
Hemp Seed Pill 麻子仁丸 Ma Zi Ren Wan
Hidden Tiger Pill (Bone Strengthening Pill) 虎潜丸 Hu Qian Wan
Improve Vision Pill With Rehmannia 明目地黄丸 Ming Mu Di Huang Wan
Incomparable Dioscorea Pill 无比山药丸 Wu Bi Shan Yao Wan
Jade Spring Pill 玉泉丸 Yu Quan Wan
Kidney Qi Pill 肾气丸 (八味丸 - Ba Wei Wan) Shen Qi Wan
Kidney Yang-Strengthening Pill 壮阳丹 Zhuang Yang Dan
Left Metal Pill (also known as Left Golden Pill) 左金丸 Zuo Jin Wan
Liquid Styrax Pill 苏合香丸 Su He Xiang Wan
Lycium Fruit, Chrysanthemum, And Rehmannia Pill 杞菊地黄丸 Qi Ju Di Huang Wan
Magical Rhinoceros Special Pill 神犀丹 Shen Xi Dan
Magnetite And Cinnabar Pill 磁硃丸 Ci Zhu Wan
Major Sinking Into The Chest Pill 大陷胸丸 Da Xian Xiong Wan
Medicated Leaven, Barley Sprout,
Unripe Bitter Orange, And Atractylodes Pill
曲麦枳术丸 Qu Mai Zhi Zhu Wan
Metal Lock Pill To Stabilize The Essence 金锁固精丸 Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan
Minor Invigorate The Collaterals Special Pill 小活络丹 Xiao Huo Luo Dan
Moisten The Intestines Pill 润肠丸 Run Chang Wan
Moonlight Pill 月华丸 Yue Hua Wan
Mother-Of-Pearl Pill 珍珠母丸 Zhen Zhu Mu Wan
Mugwort And Aconite Root Pill For Warming The Womb 艾附暖宫丸 Ai Fu Nuan Gong Wan
Mulberry Leaf And Sesame Seed Pill 桑麻丸 Sang Ma Wan
Mume Pill 乌梅丸 Wu Mei Wan
Open The Gate Pill 通关丸 Tong Guan Wan
Open The Heart With Shu Yu For Kidney Qi Pill 开心薯蓣肾气丸 Kai Xin Shu Yu Shen Qi Wan
Open The Spleen Pill 启脾丸 Qi Pi Wan
Phelgm And Thin Mucus Pill 痰饮丸 Tan Yin Wan
Pill For Deafness That Is Kind To The Left Kidney 耳聋左慈丸 Er Long Zuo Ci Wan
Pill For The Sound Of A Broken Flute (Voice) 响声破笛丸 Xiang Sheng Po Di Wan
Pill Requiring A Change Of Clothing 更衣丸 Geng Yi Wan
Pill To Treat Painful Wind Anywhere 上中下通用痛风丸 Shang Zhong Xia Tong Yong Tong Feng Wan
Pinellia And Sulphur Pill 半硫丸 Ban Liu Wan
Poria And Cuscuta Special Pill 茯菟丹 Fu Tu Dan
Poria Pill 茯苓丸 Fu Ling Wan
Preserve Harmony Pill 保和丸 Bao He Wan
Preserve Vistas Pill 驻景丸 Zhu Jing Wan
Protect The Fetus And Aid Life Pill 保胎资生丸 Bao Tai Zi Sheng Wan
Purple Snow Special Pill 紫雪丹 Zi Xue Dan
Reduce Infantile Stagnation Pill 消乳丸 Xiao Ru Wan
Reduce Inflammation And Resolve Pill 消炎解毒丸 Xiao Yan Jie Du Wan
Reduce Scrofula Pill 消瘰丸 Xiao Luo Wan
Regulate The Middle And Transform Phlegm Pill 理中化痰丸 Li Zhong Hua Tan Wan
Regulate The Middle Pill 理中丸 Li Zhong Wan
Restore The Left Kidney Pill 左归丸 Zuo Gui Wan
Restore The Right Kidney Pill 右归丸 You Gui Wan
Restrict The Fountain Pill 缩泉丸 Suo Quan Wan
Rhubarb And Ground Beetle Pill 大黄蟅虫丸 Da Huang Zhe Chong Wan
Running Piglet Pill 奔豚丸 Ben Tun Wan
Separate And Reduce Fullness In The Middle Pill 中满分消丸 Zhong Man Fen Xiao Wan
Settle The Emotions Pill 定志丸 Ding Zhi Wan
Seven-Treasure Special Pill For Beautiful Beard 七宝美髯丹 Qi Bao Mei Ran Dan
Six-Ingredient Pill With Rehmannia 六味地黄丸 Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
Six-Miracle Pill 六神丸 Liu Shen Wan
Sophora Japonica Fruit Pill 槐角丸 Huai Jiao Wan
Special Pill From Confucius’ Pillow 孔子枕中丹 Kong Zi Zhen Zhong Dan
Special Pill To Aid Fertility 赞育丹 Zan Yu Dan
Special Pill To Restore Life 回春丹 Hui Chun Dan
Stabilize The Menses Pill 固经丸 Gu Jing Wan
Stephania, Zanthoxylum, Tingli Seed, And Rhubarb Pill 己椒苈黄丸 Ji Jiao Li Huang Wan
Strengthen The Spleen Pill 健脾丸 Jian Pi Wan
Succinum Pill For Promoting Sleep 琥珀多寐丸 Hu Po Duo Mei Wan
Sweet Dew Special Pill To Eliminate Toxin 甘露消毒丹 Gan Lu Xiao Du Dan
Tangerine And Apricot Pill 橘杏丸 Ju Xing Wan
Tangerine Seed Pill 橘核丸 Ju He Wan
Dang Gui, Gentian, And Aloe Pill 当归龙荟丸 Dang Gui Long Hui Wan
Ten-Tonic Pill 十补丸 Shi Bu Wan
Three-Marvel Pill 三妙丸 San Miao Wan
Three-Seed Pill 三仁丸 San Ren Wan
Three-Substance Pill Prepared For Emergencies 三物备急丸 San Wu Bei Ji Wan
Track Down Wind And Smooth The Flow Of Qi Pill 搜风顺气丸 Sou Feng Shun Qi Wan
Transform Phlegm And Reduce Nodules Pill 化痰消核丸 Hua Tan Xiao He Wan
Trauma Pill 跌打丸 Die Da Wan
Treat The Middle Pill 治中丸 Zhi Zhong Wan
Two Seed Pill 二仁丸 Er Ren Wan
Two-Solstice Pill 二至丸 Er Zhi Wan
Unblock Obstruction Pill 通塞片 Tong Sai Pian
Unripe Bitter Orange And Atractylodes Pill 枳术丸 Zhi Zhu Wan
Unripe Bitter Orange Pill To Guide Out Stagnation 枳实导滞丸 Zhi Shi Dao Zhi Wan
Unripe Bitter Orange Pill To Reduce Focal Distention 枳实消痞丸 Zhi Shi Xiao Pi Wan
Unripe Bitter Orange Pill To Regulate The Middle 枳实理中丸 Zhi Shi Li Zhong Wan
Vessel And Vehicle Pill 舟车丸 Zhou Che Wan
Wan's Cattle Gallstone Pill To Clear The Heart 万氏牛黄清心丸 Wan Shi Niu Huang Qing Xin Wan
Water And Earth Immortals Special Pill 水陆二仙丹 Shui Lu Er Xian Dan
Young Maiden Pill (Black Moth Pill) 青娥丸 Qing E Wan


English Translation Chinese Term Transliteration
Double-Dark Plaster 二青膏 Er Qing Gao
Evodia Plaster 吴茱芋膏 Wu Zhu Yu Gao
Fetus-Quieting Plaster 安胎主膏 An Tai Zhu Gao
Golden-Yellow Plaster 金黄膏 Jin Huang Gao



English Translation Chinese Term Transliteration
Achyranthes Powder 牛膝散 Niu Xi San
Apricot Kernel And Perilla Leaf Powder 杏苏散 Xing Su San
Aucklandia And Amomum Calm The Stomach Powder 香沙平胃散 Xiang Sha Ping Wei San
Augment The Primal Powder 益元散 Yi Yuan San
Augmented Cyperus And Perilla Leaf Powder 加味香稣散 Jia Wei Xiang Su San
Augmented Eight-Herb Powder For Rectification 加味八正散 Jia Wei Ba Zheng San
Augmented Powder For Five Types Of Painful Urinary Dribbling 加味五淋散 Jia Wei Wu Lin San
Augmented Rambling Powder 加味逍遥散 Jia Wei Xiao Yao San
Benefit The Yellow Powder 益黄散 Yi Huang San
Black Rambling Powder 黑逍遥散 Hei Xiao Yao San
Borneal And Borax Powder 冰硼散 Bing Peng San
Bupleurum Powder To Dredge The Liver 柴胡疏肝散 Chai Hu Shu Gan San
Calm Coughing Powder 宁嗽丸 Ning Sou San
Calm The Middle Powder 安中散 An Zhong San
Calm The Stomach Powder 平胃散 Ping Wei San
Canopy Powder 华盖散 Hua Gai San
Chrysanthemum Powder To Be Taken With Green Tea 菊花茶调散 Ju Hua Cha Tiao San
Chuan Xiong Powder To Be Taken With Green Tea 川芎茶调散 Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San
Clear The Heart And Cool The Diaphragm Powder 清心凉膈散 Qing Xin Liang Ge San
Clear The Menses Powder 清经散 Qing Jing San
Clear The Stomach Powder 清胃散 Qing Wei San
Coix, Aconite Root, And Patrinia Powder 薏苡附子败酱散 Yi Yi Fu Zi Bai Jiang San
Cool The Bones Powder 清骨散 Qing Gu San
Cool The Diaphragm Powder 凉膈散 Liang Ge San
Cyperus And Amomum Calm The Stomach Powder 香沙平胃散 Xiang Sha Ping Wei San
Cyperus And Perilla Leaf Powder 香稣散 Xiang Su San
Dang Gui And Peony Powder 当归芍药散 Dang Gui Shao Yao San
Dang Gui Powder 当归散 Dang Gui San
Discharge Pus Powder 透脓散 Tou Nong San
Double Releasing Powder That Sagely Unblocks 双解通圣散 Shuang Jie Tong Sheng San
Dragon Tooth Powder To Clear The Ethereal Soul 龙齿清魂散 Long Chi Qing Hun San
Drain The White Powder 泻白散 Xie Bai San
Drain The Yellow Powder 泻黄散 Xie Huang San
Eight-Herb Powder For Rectification 八正散 Ba Zheng San
Eliminate Wind Powder 消风散 Xiao Feng San
Extraordinary Merit Powder 异功散 Yi Gong San
Fifth Modification Of Rectify The Qi Powder 五加减正气散 Wu Jia Jian Zheng Qi San
First Modification Of Rectify The Qi Powder 一加减正气散 Yi Jia Jian Zheng Qi San
Five-Accumulation Powder 五积散 Wu Ji San
Five-Ingredient Powder With Poria 五苓散 Wu Ling San
Five-Peel Powder 五皮散 Wu Pi San
Five-Tiger Powder To Pursue Wind 五虎追风散 Wu Hu Zhui Feng San
Four-Ingredient Powder With Poria 四苓散 Si Ling San
Fourth Modification Of Rectify The Qi Powder 四加减正气散 Si Jia Jian Zheng Qi San
Frigid Extremities Powder 四逆散 Si Ni San
Fritillaria And Anemarrhena Powder 二母散 Er Mu San
Fritillaria And Trichosanthes Fruit Powder 贝母栝楼散 Bei Mu Gua Lou San
Generate The Pulse Powder 生脉散 Sheng Mai San
Ginseng And Astragalus Powder 人参黄耆散 Ren Shen Huang Qi San
Ginseng And Gecko Powder 人参蛤蚧散 Ren Shen Ge Jie San
Ginseng Powder To Remove Toxins 人参败毒散 Ren Shen Bai Du San
Ginseng, Poria, And White Atractylodes Powder 参苓白术散 Shen Ling Bai Zhu San
Goddess Powder 女神散 Nu Shen San
Golden-Yellow Powder 金黄散 Jin Huang San
Green Robe Powder 绿袍散 Lu Pao San
Guide Out The Red Powder 导赤散 Dao Chi San
Hawthorn And Medicated Leaven Calm The Stomach Powder 楂曲平胃散 Zha Qu Ping Wei San
Honeysuckle And Forsythia Powder 银翘散 Yin Qiao San
Honeysuckle And Forsythia Powder To Remove Toxins 银翘败毒散 Yin Qiao Bai Du San
Honeysuckle, Forsythia, And Puffball Powder 银翘马勃散 Yin Qiao Ma Bo San
Indigo And Clam Shell Powder 青蛤散 Qing Ge San
Indigo Powder 青黛散 Qing Dai San
Inula Powder 金沸草散 Jin Fei Cao San
Jade Candle Powder 玉烛散 Yu Zhu San
Jade Windscreen Powder 玉屏风散 Yu Ping Feng San
Jasper Powder 碧玉散 Bi Yu San
Kudzu Flower Powder To Relieve Hangovers 葛花解酲散 Ge Hua Jie Cheng San
Large Gentian And Soft-Shelled Turtle Shell Powder 秦艽鳖甲散 Qin Jiao Bie Jia San
Lead To Symmetry Powder 牵正散 Qian Zheng San
Lily Bulb And Talcum Powder 百合滑石散 Bai He Hua Shi San
Lindera Powder To Smooth The Flow Of Qi 乌药顺气散 Wu Yao Shun Qi San
Liver Washing Powder 洗肝散 Xi Gan San
Magnolia Flower Powder 辛夷散 Xin Yi San
Mantis Egg-Case Powder 桑螵蛸散 Sang Piao Xiao San
Marvelously Fragrant Powder 妙香散 Miao Xiang San
Melia Toosendan Powder 金铃子散 Jin Ling Zi San
Melon Pedicle Powder 瓜蒂散 Gua Di San
Miraculous Powder For Supporting The Interior 神效托里散 Shen Xiao Tuo Li San
Modified Cool The Diaphragm Powder 加减凉膈散 Jia Jian Liang Ge San
Modified Generate The Pulse Powder 加减生脉散 Jia Jian Sheng Mai San
Moon Stone Powder 月石散 Yue Shi San
Mosla Powder 香薷散 Xiang Ru San
Moutan And Phellodendron Powder For Frigid Extremities 丹黄四逆散 Dan Huang Si Ni San
Nine-Immortal Powder 九仙散 Jiu Xian San
Open The Gate Powder 通关散 Tong Guan San
Open Up The Diaphragm Powder 启膈散 Qi Ge San
Oyster Shell Powder 牡蛎散 Mu Li San
Agastache Powder To Rectify The Qi 藿香正气散 Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San
Peppermint Powder 鸡苏散 Ji Su San
Pinch Powder 手拈散 Shou Nian San
Powder For Five Types Of Painful Urinary Dribbling 五淋散 Wu Lin San
Powder To Support The Interior Worth A Thousand Gold 千金内托散 Qian Jin Nei Tuo San
Powder To Take At Cock's Crow 鸡鸣散 Ji Ming San
Pyrrosiae Powder 石韦散 Shi Wei San
Rambling Powder 逍遥散 Xiao Yao San
Rectify The Qi Powder Worth More Than Gold 不换金正气散 Bu Huan Jin Zheng Qi San
Renewal Powder 再造散 Zai Zao San
Restrain The Liver Powder 抑肝散 Yi Gan San
Sanguisorba Powder 地榆散 Di Yu San
Saposhnikovia Powder That Sagely Unblocks 防风通圣散 Fang Feng Tong Sheng San
Schizonepeta And Saposhnikovia Powder To Remove Toxins 荆防败毒散 Jing Fang Bai Du San
Second Modification Of Rectify The Qi Powder 二加减正气散 Er Jia Jian Zheng Qi San
Seven-Ingredient Powder With White Atractylodes 七味白术散 Qi Wei Bai Zhu San
Seven-Thousandths Of A Tael Powder 七厘散 Qi Li San
Six Sages Powder To Unblock And Release 六神通解散 Liu Shen Tong Jie San
Six-Miracle Powder 六神散 Liu Shen San
Six-To-One Powder 六一散 Liu Yi San
Sophora Japonica Flower Powder 槐花散 Huai Hua San
Stop Coughing Powder 止嗽散 Zhi Sou San
Stop Spasms Powder 止痉散 Zhi Jing San
Sudden Smile Powder 失笑散 Shi Xiao San
Taishan Bedrock Powder 泰山磐石散 Tai Shan Pan Shi San
Ten Partially-Charred Substances Powder 十灰散 Shi Hui San
Ten-Ingredient Powder To Overcome Toxicity 十味败毒散 Shi Wei Bai Du San
Third Modification Of Rectify The Qi Powder 三加减正气散 San Jia Jian Zheng Qi San
Three-Sage Powder 三圣散 San Sheng San
Top-Quality Lindera Powder 天台乌药散 Tian Tai Wu Yao San
True Jade Powder 玉真散 Yu Zhen San
Two-Marvel Powder 二妙散 Er Miao San
Unblock The Qi Powder 通气散 Tong Qi San
Uncaria Powder 钩藤散 Gou Teng San
Unripe Bitter Orange And Peony Powder 枳实芍药散 Zhi Shi Shao Yao San
Virgate Wormwood And Five-Ingredient Powder With Poria 茵陈五苓散 Yin Chen Wu Ling San
Wash The Liver To Clear The Eyes Powder 洗肝明目散 Xi Gan Ming Mu San
White Powder 白散 Bai San
Xanthium Powder 苍耳子散 Cang Er Zi San
Yu's Strength Powder 禹功散 Yu Gong San


English Translation Chinese Term Transliteration
Aconite Root Infusion To Drain The Epigastrium 附子泻心汤 Fu Zi Xie Xin Tang
Arnebia And Dang Gui Ointment 紫当膏 Zi Dang Gao
Augmented Preserve Vistas Formula 驻景丸加减方 Zhu Jing Wan Jia Jian Fang
Beard And Hair-Darkening Pellet ~ Qing Yun Du Bu Dan
Blood-Enriching And Wind-Dispersing Decoction ~ Yang Xue Sheng Fa Tang
Compound Jade Spring Pill 复方玉泉丸 Fu Fang Yu Quan Wan
Coughing Of Blood Formula 咳血方 Ke Xue Fang
Eight-Ingredient Formula For Vaginal Discharge 八味带下方 Ba Wei Dai Xia Fang
Erythrina Wash 海桐皮汤 Hai Tong Pi Tang
Genuine Qi-Nourishing Pellet ~ Yang Zhen Dan
Hair-Promoting Decoction ~ Sheng Fa Tang
Hair-Promoting Drink ~ Sheng Fa Yin
Important Formula For Painful Diarrhea 痛泻要方 Tong Xie Yao Fang
Itch Wash 榻痒汤 Ta Yang Tang
Lei's Method For Disseminating And Venting Dampness And Heat 雷氏宣透膜原法 Lei Shi Xuan Tou Mo Yuan Fa
Long Pepper Cakes 荜茇饼 Bi Ba Bing
Lower-Warming And Upper-Clearing Decoction 温下清上汤 Wen Xia Qing Shang Tang
Major Arrest Wind Pearls 大定风珠 Da Ding Feng Zhu
Master Lei's Method For Clearing and Cooling Summerheat 雷氏清凉涤暑法 Lei Shi Qing Liang Di Shu Fa
Minor Arrest Wind Pearls 小定风珠 Xiao Ding Feng Zhu
Modified Vision Acuity-Improving Pill ~ Zhu Jing Wan Jia Jian Fang
Mutton Stew With Dang Gui And Fresh Ginger 当归生姜羊肉汤 Dang Gui Sheng Jiang Yang Rou Tang
Precious Jade Syrup 琼玉膏 Qiong Yu Gao
Pregnancy Panacea 震灵丹 Shen Ling Dan
Prescription For Treating Alopecia Areata   Zhi Ban Tu Fang
Prunella Syrup 夏枯草膏 Xia Ku Cao Gao
Qi-Replenishing, Hearing-improving and Eyesight Acuminating Decoction ~ Yi Qi Cong Ming Tang
Rejuvenation Elixir 还少丹 Huan Shao Dan
Rhubarb And Coptis Infusion To Drain The Epigastrium 大黄黄连泻心汤 Da Huang Huang Lian Xie Xin Tang
Seven Valuable Herbs Beard-Improving Pellet ~ Qi Xian Dan
Skin-Moistening Ointment 润肌膏 Run Ji Gao
Sophora Root Wash 苦参汤 Ku Shen Tang
Sparganium Breast Wash 三棱洗乳方 San Leng Xi Ru Fang
Tortoise Shell And Deer Antler Two-Immortal Syrup 龟鹿二仙胶 Gui Lu Er Xian Jiao
Vision Acuity-Improving Pill ~ Zhu Jing Wan
Wash To Mollify Trauma By Dispersing Stasis 散瘀和伤汤 San Yu He Shang Tang
Worry-Free Formula To Protect Birth 保产无忧方 Bao Chan Wu You Fang
Ying Zhong Powder ~ Ying Zhong San