Shaolin Kung Fu/Tai Chi/Sanda Training Trip to Shaolin/Zhengzhou/China

Many martial arts fans already thought about training Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi or Sanda (Chinese boxing) with the monks directly in Shaolin. In the past, China was not an "easy" country for traveling, but now, many things are changed. Many of Chinese people understand the English language, it is better for you to grasp the basics of Chinese, if you can not speak Chinese, you will have a chance to learn Chinese for a short traveling trip of some weeks. Kill two birds with one stone. What a cost-efficient gongfu trip!


 We ( have got much experience of Shaolin Kung fu trips since 1996 and will supply you a fantastic trip:

Travel date

There are NO specific travel dates, so you can arrive whenever you want. Short-term arrival is possible too. So you are able to integrate your Shaolin trip to your China sightseeing tour like visiting the Great Wall in Beijing, the Longmen Grottos in Luoyang (which is near Shaolin Temple).

 Services and prices

Transfer Zhengzhou Airport – Zhengzhou Gongfu School

Real Shaolin Kung Fu Training (Tai Yi, Forms, Sanda (Chinese Boxing) and Tai Chi are possible too) in our school with the master trainer.

 A special Tai Chi coach, from Chenjiagou - the origin of the Chen Style - will teach Tai Chi.

Accommodation: a suite in a university of Zhengzhou city which has much better living condition than in Dengfeng.

Teacher and books: English speaking master trainer and English textbook.

Food without drinks: eat in the university or restaurants around the training school.  

Chinese course: living in the Chinese suite in a Chinese medicine university in Zhengzhou and have many chance to sense the Chinese.

Kung fu theories and Buddhism

Costs of all above services are 3000 US$ / month (include accommodation!)

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