The Shao Lin Kung-Fu of Zhu Tianxi

     Mr. Zhu Tianxi (1949-2021), with the religious name of Shi Xingzhen, has been practicing Kung- fu since he was young. Desiring to study Kung-fu with the outstanding master Shi Degeng of Shao Lin Temple, he left Zhenzhou for Dengfeng at his fifteen in 1965. He visited master Shi Degeng for many times. Although being refused, he never felt blue. Master Shi Degeng was moved by the boy, Zhu Tianxi, who kneeled outside the door of his room for many times, and accepted him as the last one disciple. During the time of "Culture Revolution", master Shi Degeng was in distress, so Zhu Tianxi invited his teacher home and took care of him. From then on, Zhu Tianxi stayed with his teacher together every day, and master Shi Degeng taught this diligent and kind student all the Kung-fu he knew.

    Shi Degengm, a student or master Shi Zhenxi of Shao Lin, entered into Shao Lin Temple and studied Shao Lin Kungfu when he was sixteen, and also learnt various kinds of Kungfu from many other teachers. Studying and working hard, he commanded a lot of kinds of Kung-fu of Quan and weapons and became famous in the Kung-fu field in Henan Province. Zhu Tianxi was a good student and lucky enough to have such a good teacher, just as a piece of high quality steel came across a good blacksmith. Ina period of few years, Deneng Shi taught Zhu Tianxi the Twenty-four Lu Tan Tui, Luo Han Quan,Chan Quan and some kinds of the usage of different Kungfu weapons, i. e. saber, spear, sword, stick and the most notable Kung-fu of Shao Lin stick. In addition, Zhu Tianxi learnt the Shao Lin traditional medicine which is always kept away from public knowledge. Since all that Zhu Tianxi learnt in those years benefits him so much, he could develop the culture of Shao Lin Kung-fu all-round, including the Shao Lin traditional medicine that is relevant closely to its Wushu.

    In May, 1982, in the National Kung-fu Meeting of Watching, exchanging and learning held in Xi'an, representing the Sports Association, Zhu Tianxi performed a series of Shao Lin Luo Han Quan. All the representatives and the press in the meeting regarded his presentation highly as "standing as still as nail, moving as fast as wind, body either as light as feather or as stable as Tai Mountain, strong sudden spurt of energy, well-knit moving lines and clear movements." At that time, the National Sports Committee had adjusted their policy and decided to pay more attention on Chinese traditional Kung-fu. The Committee arranged the representatives of all kinds of Kung-fu genres to present their Kung-fu on the same stage. The Committee did a kind thing and Zhu Tianxi actually did a favor for the meeting to help the Kung-fu lovers understand real Shao Lin Kung-fu.

    From then on, Zhu Tianxi attended lots of national or international Kung-fu exchange meetings and competitions. He did win lots of medals. However, the medals will never be enough to equal Zhu Tianxi's knowledge, understanding, mastery and the performing effect of Shao Lin Kung-fu and the contribution he has done to developing the culture of Kung-fu.
    Zhu Tianxi has been admitted by the Kung-fu Academy of National Sports Committee. Zhu Tianxi said that Wu-shu Academy of National Sports Committee honored him as the representative of Shao Lin Kung-fu, and as he believed, this was because of what he did was admitted by everybody.

    Mr. Zhu Tianxi is one of the few Kung-fu masters who have studied Shao Lin Quan with master Shi Degeng before Kung-fu became popular again in China in 1980s. While, only Mr. Zhu Tianxi can insist on practicing, and control the Kung-fu And Zhu Tianxi might be among the few who have kept practicing and researching Kung-fu and has a relatively all-round knowledge about Shao Lin Kung-fu. Now, Zhu Tianxi still keeps on researching the Zen, Kung-fu and medicine of Shao Lin, besides, he also runs an institute of Shao Lin Kung-fu and tries his best to train the students of next generation.


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