Successors of Kung-fu

    Successors of Kung-fu
    Wilson Wu, graduated from Zhong Shall University in Guangdong, being the founder of Kung4h Ocean in Canada, is one of the Chinese Kung-fu instructors in Vancouver, Canada. Learning Shao Lin and Nan Pai (south school) Kung-fu from his uncle Wu Jianwei at his age of
four, then he had learned Chinese Kung-fu from other six teachers and had been one of the disciples of Master Su Huayin in Jin Wu School in China within a total period of twenty-six years. What he has studied and practiced in Kung-fu training from northern to southern styles has been covering both the internal and external ones. Wu has had
    Zheng Weiru, One of The heirs to Pak Mei Quan
    I liked Kung-fu and being very naughty when I was a child. I was lucky enough to meet and follow Zhang Bingfa, the third son of Zhang Liquan in my boyhood. Zhang Liquan was the master of Pak Mei Quan. Since I learned Kung-fu from Mr. Zhang Bingfa, I have never stopped practicing the Quan even during the rainy and windy days. The day-to-day practice made me a success. Mr. Zhang Bingfa often taught me what he had learned, the transformation of Yin and Yang, San Gong (the three skills) and Liu Jin (six forces), Tun Tu (breathing in and out), Fu Chen (floating up and sinking down), Wu Xing (five elements) and Ba Fa (eight methods) as well as the
practice on one's waist, legs and arms. I was emulative then, I always took opportunities fighting with those who belonged to other schools of Kung-fu. Fighting different rivals had given me different reactions and feelings. Trying my best in combating with them, I accumulated the experiences in fighting.
      Learning the Quan from Mr. Zhang for more than a dozen of years, I was collected
by him as his close-door disciple. I had gradually understood the essence of the Quan. As time goes on, I have experienced and realized more and more what my teacher had been getting and teaching me. I strongly led that my Kung-fu in some or most of his contribution to the social activities of Chinese Kung-fu in combining Chinese classical philosophy with his Kung-fu studying and practicing. He has been trying his best to extract the essence of Chinese traditional Kung-fu blending his scientific training methods and some of its secrets. secular practicing really benefits my life when I have been on my business. Running my business, I unexpectedly use the ideas and the ways in practicing Kung-fu Running business is just like joining a war. The common
 skills of Kung-fu like Gang Rou Bing Ji (applying hardness and softness together, or using the stick and the carrot jointly), Yuan Hua Shun Bian (being slick and sly treating any change in flexible sequence) and Fu Chen (floating up and sinking down) Tun Tu (swallowing and spitting or breathing in and out) are all useful at doing business. Actually I never give up practicing Kung-fu though I have been always busy. I often invite several Kung-fu fellow-brothers to study Pak Mei Style Kung-fu. During my spare time, I have been also teaching some youngsters the Quan as teaching Kung-fu benefits both teachers and students.
      In my memory, Mr. Zhang taught us many tips in practicing Kung-fu including how to fight our opponents and improve our potentials, foremost he shared a lot of his life stories and experiences with us to indicate how to do things properly. This benefits me greatly as an ordinary member of the society.
      Being busy though, I have still taken time teaching Kung-fu in Pak Mei Federation in order to advocate Pak Mei Quan. As the Vice President of Global Pak Mei Kung Fu Federation from 2003 to 2005, l will apply myself in popularizing Pak Mei and in holding Pak Mei followers together in different areas. I have been calling for a simultaneously physical and mental training and carry forward the faith of Pak Mei Quan, respect ancestors, teachers and the moral of Kung-fu, learn benevolence, righteousness and Kung-fu as well, realize that Kung-fu is for self-protection but never pretend to be a hero to bully others.             


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