Huo Zhenqiu talks about Liu Dian Ban Pole(six-and¨Ca-Half Pole)

Huo Zhenqiu talks about Liu Dian Ban Pole(six-and–a-Half Pole)
    Being a part of Wing Chun Quan in Southern China, the style of Liu Dian Ban Pole was created by Master Huo Zhenqiu as well. His inspiration was from his father Master Huo Jundong's Pole skills and Mr. BaiChang's Thirteen Spear. Liu Dian Ban Pole can stop the actions of the opponents by some little movements. Once started instantly, all the movements of the style are continuous, skillful and fierce.
    The tracks of the Liu Dian Ban Pole of our system should be stepped and followed usually like riding a horse and making most of the motions either like a straight line or like the shape of a fan.
    We have got several ways to fight when we practice, like parrying to survive ("zou shen men"), going directly to the point ("ta zhong men") and going indirectly to the point ("zou pianfeng"). Its style is quick, artful, exact, fierce and unexpected. The formulas put into verse for the movements are: "Liang yi zhong shao can xiang chui xiao, di shui qiang ge zuuo gun tou, ban dian quan gun fu meng hu, liu dian ban gui shutiao long ". It means with the six and a half points called liang yi, shao can, chui xiao, di shui, qiang ge and zuo gun tou and the half point is that the pole moving along a circle be followed, Liu Dian Ban Pole Movements can defeat a strong and vigorous dragon.
    The formula of the Liu Dian Ban Pole, or the Six-and-a-Half Pole is as follows:
    1. Opening(Kai Gun Li)  2.Diao Ma Ge pole  3. Diao Ma Quan pole 4. Zuo Ma Qiang Pole 5. Diao Ma Ge pole  6. Chou Tan pole  7. Di Shui pole 8. Ge pole 9. Diao Ma Di Liang Yi pole lO. Diao Ma Quan pole ll. Zuo Ma Qiang pole 12. Diao Ma Ge pole 13. Chou Tan pole          14. Di Shui pole 15. Ge pole 16.Di Liang Yi pole 17. Quan pole 18. Qiang pole 19. Ge pole               20. Chou Tan pole 21.Di Shui pole 22. Ge pole 23. Chui Xiao pole 24. Shao Can pole 25. Chui Xiao pole 26. Shao Can pole   27. Chui Xiao pole 28. Shao Can pole 29. Zuo Gui Ma Zuo pole tou 30. You Gui Ma Zuo pole tou  31.Zui Gui Ma Zuo pole tou 32. Diao Ma Di Liang Yi pole  33. Quan pole 34. Qiang pole 35. Ge pole  36. Tui Ma Liang Yi pole(three times, right, left and 37. End (Shou Gun Li)  End of the formula


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