Talking About Kung-fu By Speclalists

Talking About Kung-fu By Speclalists
    Those people who want to learn Chinese traditional Kung-fu well have been always seeking to cultivate themselves with the true Kung-fu rather than playing boxing as a showing sport or only practicing some movements to feel the atmosphere of art. Therefore, the skills and methods in learning and practicing issuing your strength and sending out your forces through your hands, fists or palms as well as any part of your body are all in the shapes of "Quan", those are proving so called the saying of "any part of your body can be regared as a fist when you are playing real Kung-fu). It is the important content you should pursue in. Learning Fa Jin (to issue one's force) is one of the points in learning Chinese traditional Kung-fu, and this does not mean that learners of a certain style of Quan has to go through this process while successors of other schools of Quan don't need to train or research on or pursuing its essence. Instead, all the learners of different styles of Quan should learn as well as drill it, and learn to tell the differences between various styles of Quan by practicing them again and again. For example, the distinction of the methods and forms between using strength and Fa Jin is only the difference between the processes and the types of Quan while the principles and appreciation should be consistent with each other in one as a whole. There are actually a lot of ways and methods in issuing one's force. People are very smart. The Chinese People studied and worked out numerous unique methods and ways on the basis of practice and research upon Chinese Kung-fu. Everyone also recognizes that many methods which fit the theories of Human Science are the classical distillate of Chinese traditional Kung-fu as well as the commonness of Kung-fu.
    To carry out the strength boxing outwards and to attack towards the rival sending out the Jin with your palm is the technique which is often remarked in the Kung-fu field accomplishing the above-mentioned skills means that one knows how to master his own strength and forces and use them properly, and this is also one of the key stages for those who learn Chinese traditional Kung-fu to go through. Most of the contemporaries who learn Chinese traditional Kung-fu have inherited the quintessence of directions as well as methods for training from their respective predecessors of different types Of Quan.
I know many famous martial artists, successors and some elites of the Chinese traditional Kung-fu having their own ways and methods in exercising their Kung-fu and drilling their skills of boxing with each one having its respective characteristic passed down. Many of them are all personages of different types of Quan or successors of representative and elites in martial arts. The skills and ways they demonstrate are all the essence of the experiences collected down by the former martial artists and elites from generation to generation, among which most of the skills and methods have been applied with the scientific theories of human physical movements, biology and medicine as well as science.
    In order to promote the development of Chinese traditional culture and its traditional Kung-fu, as well as to help as many successors and Kung-fu lovers as possible to inherit the skills and essence of our predecessors and martial artists whose unique skills are in danger of extinction, we carry out many interviews and other inter-exchange meetings with them and introduce their experiences in Kung-fu learning, providing an opportunity for them to introduce their own experiences as well as to communicate and exchange their learning methods with each other, thus ensuring that our offspring can learn the skills and probably inherit these precious experiences and methods of Kung-fu.

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