Huang Long Bai Wei

Huang Long Bai Wei
    It is widely accepted by most practicers that the process of Xing Gong Zou Jia ( the practice of movements, strength and Kung Li) is a most important proceeding in a complete Kung-fu training. Every Tai Ji practicer is required to practice every day to gradually uplift his overall Gong Li (level of the mastery of Kung-fu).
    It is tree that slow and consistent Tai Ji practices can build up the player's health but it is surely not a guarantee. The only way to achieve the purpose of body-building and fit-keeping is to practice Tai Ji in a correct way.
    Practicing Tai Ji Quan in a fast way and practicing Tai Ji Kung-fu will be considered different from the other with varied demands indeed. When Master Chen Fa'ke taught Quan, the impartment of Tai Ji Kung-fu came as the first other than all the styles or external movements. I was required to accurately pose the process of every stand, to understand the reason why I have to attack in such a manner, how to summon and exert strength together with the ultimate purpose and, to comprehend all the targets in attacking and defending to ensure winning. My opponent should be supposed to be moving, stepping, backing, squatting, attacking and defending before me, and I have to act by following his moving respectively.
   Take the movement of "Huang Long (yellow dragon) Bai Wei (swaying its tail)" as an example. It is aimed at the practice of flexibility of body movements and footwork. Even though the opponent is in motion, you can still maneuver easily, detect any or all weak points in his moving, withstand the incoming hitting or other manners of attack. Convert his attacking forces and ultimately attack him by elbow techniques.
   The accuracy and completion of this movement should be emphasized. Full comprehension in making your own flexible responses to deal with different attacking or various moving made by your opponents is also needed. More importantly, quick responses to all your opponent's actions and the harmoniousness of your eyes, hands, body, feet and your speed are of crucial significance in actual fighting


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