Wu-style Taiji boxing

     Wu-style Taiji boxing was created by Quan You (1834-1902)who lived at Daxing in Hebei Province (now under Beijing Municipality).Quan You was of the Manchu nationality of China. He learned Taiji Quan from Yang Luchan and later followed Yangˋs second son Yang Banhou to study the short program. Quan You was known for his ability to soften his movements. Quanˋs son Jianquan changed his family name to Wu as he was brought up as a Han national. Wu Jianquan (1870-1942) inherited and disseminated a style of Taiji which is comfortable and upright. His style is continuous and ingenious and because his routine does not require jumps and leaps. it spread far and wide among common people. Since this style of Taiji Quan was disseminated by the Wu family. it became known as the Wu-style Taiji boxing.

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