Professional Design & Printing Service

Service Genre

  • Catalogue
  • DMs
  • Posters
  • Books & Printings
  • Exhibition Display
  • Application UI Design
  • Icon & logo Design
  • Website UI Design
  • Flash Demo Design
  • Art & Package Design

Efficient Design Service

We have a highly creative professional art design team, working to provide your company with the most unique, sophisticated and modern company art design.
With Hulian, you don't have to sacrifice time when you want a quality design. Once you submit information about your company, our designers get to work immediately to create your design. You'll see your first design concepts within just 4 business days!

Rich Experience

To fully understand the challenges our clients face, we partner with our clients, becoming fully integrated in their daily business activities so that the strategic plan will work effectively.

Our highest goals are to hold the highest standards in design and marketing and to provide service to clients that share the same passion for excellence, and increased profitability for all.

Confidentiality and trust

All Hulian translators are bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement. Hulian takes confidentiality and security issues very seriously. All design work and translation remain confidential.


Hulian provides Full Offset Printing Services of paper products. Printing product ranges from Soft Cover Books , Hard Cover Books , Pop-ups Board Book , Children's Books printing , Magazines , Novels, Game Box Sets , Board Books , Commercial Catalogues , Comic Book , Text Book printing, University Press, Card Box Sets, Greeting Cards , Page-A-Day Calendars, Wall Calendars , Novelty Projects, Book Plus, Packaging , Wir-O Books , Gift Box and etc.

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