BRTV's Spring Festival gala to highlight Beijing culture

Beijing Radio Television Station (BRTV) will present a spectacular New Year gala on the evening of Feb. 10, the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

A photo

captures a festive performance staged during the recording of BRTV's Spring Festival gala. [Photo courtesy of BRTV]

To showcase Beijing's recent development, particularly in culture, technology and the environment, and to immerse viewers in the lively atmosphere of the capital's residents celebrating the Spring Festival, this year's gala has moved away from the traditional format of host interludes.

The gala will instead feature a series of dragon-themed short films, as 2024 is the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac. In these short films, more than 20 gala hosts from BRTV will come together as "Dragon Seekers" to embark on an impromptu city walk during the Spring Festival, exploring the streets and alleys of Beijing in search of the five most unexpected and distinctive "dragons" in the capital.

The gala, already recorded, will showcase a rich array of Chinese cultural elements embodied in its performances and set designs. It will particularly highlight the local culture of Beijing, emphasizing its role as a national cultural center over many dynasties and centuries. Additionally, trendy pop culture and modern technologies will seamlessly integrate with traditional culture, creating a grand cultural mix. This integration will feature opera, rap, pop songs, dance, martial arts and even artificial intelligence robots.

A photo captures a national treasure, a seated bronze dragon, borrowed from the Capital Museum, on display at the stage. [Photo courtesy of BRTV]

Beijing's intangible cultural heritage will also be highlighted, with a particular focus on the city's royal and folk traditions. Heritage inheritors from Beijing will gather at the gala to present various art forms, including lacquer engraving, filigree inlay, jade carving, ivory carving, Beijing embroidery, cloisonné, palace illustration, and sugar blowing.

During the gala, a national treasure from the Capital Museum will be displayed on stage — a bronze dragon discovered in the palace ruins of the Jin dynasty (1115-1234), during which Beijing was the capital. This period marked the beginning of Beijing's significance as a capital city for various dynasties.

The show will, of course, be star-studded, featuring artists such as Cai Guoqing, Carman Lee, Zhou Shen, Li Yuchun and Tan Weiwei, as well as comedians like Chang Yuan and Song Xiaobao. They will perform songs celebrating the era and China's prosperity, as well as share jokes and heartwarming stories inspired by significant events of the past year or everyday life.

A photo captures ambassadors to China bringing their favorite dishes from their own countries to the stage for display. [Photo courtesy of BRTV]

BRTV's Spring Festival gala will also serve as a platform to share Chinese stories with the world, as it has in previous years. This year, a special segment will invite ambassadors from different countries, such as Norway, Tunisia and Sri Lanka, to share their classic cuisines at the gala.

The show aims to use food as a medium to showcase the openness and inclusiveness of the city that hosted both the Summer and Winter Olympics, creating a welcoming atmosphere for people from all over the world.

A photo captures a jubilant performance staged during the recording of BRTV's Spring Festival gala. [Photo courtesy of BRTV]

The gala will be broadcast at 7:30 p.m. (Beijing Time) on Feb. 10, accessible through its TV networks as well as online platforms.